Four New Chairs-and a review

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Many months back I painted my old ladder back chairs white, and I love them. I did not paint the arm chairs for two reasons, they were not in the best shape, and they never pushed completely under the table because of the arms, they simply did not fit. So I decided back in February I would order two roll back slipcovered chairs from Pottery Barn. I have been busy doing all the painting and didn’t want to bring them in until I was ready. In the meantime I had decided to make an antique round oak table in my living a little more functional by adding two of the same chairs to this table. I was using wood chairs at this table and after sitting there for awhile, it can get a bit uncomfortable. I have my morning coffee there. I also felt this would make the chairs more versatile, since I would have four. Down the road I could move all four to the dining room. Or just use them as extra seating when we need it. Over all I believe the chairs where a good choice.

If you follow my Blog at all, you may remember a similar purchase I made of a slip covered sofa and chairs. In that Blog post I stated I decided on the IKEA furniture over the Pottery Barn, based on price, I could purchase the IKEA sofa and slipcover 4 to 5 times before I spent as much as the Pottery Barn sofa. In the case of the dining room chairs, Pottery Barn wins because of construction. There was a huge difference in the stability of the chairs, and in how comfortable they were, and not such a huge difference in price.

Here you can see close up od the fabric, I chose the warm white denim and I adore it.

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Here you can see how nicely they tuck under the table.

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Over all I believe these chairs were a good investment and they allow me to change them up down the line by either adding them all to this table in addition to two more, or adding them all with the addition of two different chairs on the ends. I am on the look out for an antique table for this room, so we will see how it all plays out.

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The other two are in the living room at a little area where we have our morning coffee and sit to chat.

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The slip covers were a dream to iron, and easy to slip on. The fabric is heavy duty, but also draped nicely.

I hope this was helpful to anyone out there interested in the Pottery Barn chairs.

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