After Christmas Sales



For anyone who loves to decorate for the holidays, now is the time to get out there and look for some bargains. I prefer to add just a few new things each year, but in order to blend the new with the old, whatever I do purchase, I purchase in multiples. I decorate my mantle and staircase, kind of like one big arrangement. The base is garland and then I use dozens and dozens of Christmas pics to build it into a full arrangement. Adding sugared fruit, feathers and lots and lots of crystals bought from Lowe’s-lighting department to add that magical feeling. So, I am on the hunt for a new pick and I will buy about  9 to 10  pieces, six for my staircase and 3 or 4 for the mantle. Better to buy fewer items and more pieces of the same item to keep things fresh from year to year.

This year I found some beautiful bottle brush trees at a local garden center, along with these icy looking picks to add to my mantle and staircase next year. I also found one random curly pick which is wired and you can be reshaped-there was only one but for a dollar I will find something cool to do with it.


Also keep in mind you can get some fabulous deals on wrapping paper, tags and those cloth ribbons we talked about. Keep it simple. Candles is another item I like to pick up, most Christmas scents will be 40 to 50% off. I usually burn through two every Christmas Season, that’s if you are burning one starting in November.

This is also a good time to pull out your new planner and jot down any new items you purchased and any new ideas you have for the next year.Also, any items that need to be purchased before the onset of next years big day.  I find it best to right it in pencil, since I  may rethink things as the year passes and I spend way to many hours on Pinterest. I purchased the Simplified Planner for the first time this year and I already think it’s my favorite. To  check out the 2016  line coming soon,  you can find all of Emily’s products at



2015 HERE WE COME!!!

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