A Ribbon Wreath-for all seasons

If you are like me, and you make too long of a to do list, and it just never goes as plans, every thing takes ten times longer in real life than it does in your head, and, well, sometimes you need to change the order of the things, on your to do list. So, all that to say I had one Blog post planned for today, but……a door needed to be moved and rehung and it didn’t happen, and this, that and the other……and here we are at the Ribbon Wreath I made on Sunday.

My husband and I made a trip to the Pocono Mountains this past weekend to do some antiquing. We didn’t really find anything as far as antiques go, and this may be a first. We have been going for about 30 years, and I really do believe this is the first time we didn’t find anything as far as antiques. Though we did stop at a ribbon factory, and I picked up these bags of some sort of ribbon.  All I knew was it was white and I could make a wreath out of it, so that was my Sunday afternoon, during the football game, project. I love that the ribbon is white, that way I could easily add a ribbon for any season and it would work.

Very, very, simple to make. I decided on the length of the ribbon by figuring out how far into the center of the ring I wanted the ribbon to hang. Then using that piece as a template I kept cutting and cutting. It took about two or three hours of cutting and tying until the wreath was complete.  I had already planned to make a cloth wreath, this was just a little more simple, since I didn’t have to rip the fabric apart. Also I really like the subtle sheen the ribbon has, it gives this DIY wreath a high end look. I hung the wreath using a hand dipped silk ribbon I found in a flower shop.

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