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I have to say I am totally in love with this new booklet from my daughters shop, okay that probably sounds like I am most defiantly biased, but seriously this is the cutest little prayer/thanksgiving/print booklet, it is just so lovely. No matter what you may be purchasing it for. I am literally ripping mine apart right from the get go, because I cant wait to use the prints, but feel free to use your booklet first then use the prints.

Here is the way the booklet comes.

Tammys Blog 086a

Looking through to find some treasures.

Tammys Blog 091a

I removed the two staples from the center and separated all of the pages to pick the two I wanted for this project.

Tammys Blog 094a

I chose two florals.

Tammys Blog 096a

Open your frame mine are 5 x 7 openings, and clean with window cleaner, add print and replace glass.

Tammys Blog 100a


Tammys Blog 105a

Tammys Blog 107a

Tammys Blog 109a

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