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First a little project.

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably have seen an abundance of stag heads and antlers every where you turn. They are in every store and on every thing imaginable. I certainly never thought I would buy into this trend, as I didn’t have these in my home when they were just the traditional thing to do. But……here we are. One thing I love about this trend though is just that, it is always in style to have them in your home. Oh sure, some are executed in such a way that they will go out when the trend goes out, but in general the real thing, will always be in style. I have spent the summer tracking down as many real pairs of antlers as I could get my hands on. This rack inn particular I wanted to hang in the kitchen but I didn’t like the color of the wood. So………a little wash of white paint over the yellow/orange, heavily shellacked, plaque, brought them in the year 2015! Here I used Pure White by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, if you would like to order some paint check out Fresh Vintage By Amy , for all your Annie Sloan needs, SHE SHIPS.

I taped around the antlers and sanded lightly first, so the paint would get into the grain of the wood and not just sit on top.

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My first coat of paint watered down a little.

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Then another coat. Just keep adding paint until you achieve the look you would like.

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Then a coat of clear wax and a smidge of dark. Is smidge a word….I’m not even sure.

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Buffed it out and removed the tape.

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And up on the kitchen wall above the door to the family room they went, once dated 1975 now 2015! I plan to add two more racks once I get to it.

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Finally I do have several pair I use throughout the house, here are a few ways I have found to use mine. Just sitting on a tabletop as part of the décor, they add texture and dimension.

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Here packed in to this mercury glass compote from The Arrows Nest, the contrast of the two is amazing.

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Here simply laying in the wreath.

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I adore this pair inside my Magnolia Wreath also available soon at The Arrows Nest

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Gathered on a tray.

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Here I added a cloche to my pedestal base.

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Have some fun, you can use your antlers in many ways, especially as we go into the holidays. And of course the answer to the question are they traditional or trendy. Always traditional when used in a natural way, and modern rendition would be considered trendy. But don’t be afraid to try something new.

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