How I Transitioned my Living Room from Fall to Winter

I know there are those out there who probably cringe at the thought of Christmas decorating right now. I for one am not one of those people. I am not sure why, but believe it is the culmination of four things, 1. I don’t celebrate Halloween just Fall, 2. I worked in retail for many, many, years, 3. have you been shopping lately, Christmas has arrived and when it arrives in store I am ready. 4. I am a planner, so I like to get the show on the road and be ready when the Holiday arrives, not be getting ready. To each his own though, I do understand those who wait have there list of whys as well. Its ok, if we see it a little different. All that to say, I have been out shopping lately and have found some ways to transition my rooms into a more wintery look and feel with out going full out Christmas. So, if you are like me and you are ready… is what I have done.

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A while back I added in these bronze pillows to add a little warmth to the room for fall.



This one of the many reasons why I love and adore a white or neutral sofa, you can very easily change the look with pillows and throws. So in an attempt to get my sofa ready for dare I say Christmas, I filled it up with white throws, brought 2 fur pillows down from my bedroom, and added in this sweet subtle Christmas pillow from Simply French Market. And Well, it looks like a different couch and defiantly wintery.

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The view coming down the stairs.

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This sweet pillow below is the pillow that is up for grabs at a give away over on Instagram, at Tammy Damore and from Simply French Market. Go check it out, it runs for three days only.

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Sitting on the ottoman a basket full of ornaments I have been collecting. Its my basket of happiness, because it is Christmas.

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Tammys Blog 072 vintage ornaments

This beautiful Thankful pillow is from Bows and Burlap.

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Some flameless birch-look candles, and a sheep skin, add a winter look to a room as well.

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I set this recent auction item to this table to get it off the floor and I loved how it looked so there it sits for now. It will be hung in the foyer/hall on the second floor, hopefully soon.

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Lets not forget to mention, the addition of my new Dear Lillie to die for sign.

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Tammys Blog 062 dear lillie prince of peace

The Mercury glass pedestal above as well as this sweet tin tray, adds just the right touch from my shop The Arrows nest.

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A few subtle changes, some antlers, because these days, why not. The icy look of the blue glass I adore so much. And I believe this room is looking wintery without looking Christmas. However, it is a ready room, all I need to do is start adding in the few things I pick up while out shopping until the November 1, because that is when I bring it all out and get started. My first order of business is a faux tree in the dining room, which I have been out collecting things for. I cant wait to work on it, I have had the tree for about 7 years and have yet to decorate it. We did bring it up and put it together twice and well, I just didn’t have enough, or wasn’t willing to sacrifice from my main tree to decorate this one. Ill be sharing soon. I hope this helped you or inspired you to find a way to start to getting ready, to get ready  😉 lol

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Tammy Damore


  1. Tammy,
    Just lovely. I’m with you I want to decorate when it hits the shops. The seasons are over so fast. I’m hoping to get started this week. I love the white, I have been chrushing on a white sofa. Needless to say budget won’t allow. It’s a small microfiber beige sofa with chaise. Totally stealing your look. ❤️ So I’ll add white fur pillows and throws. Thank you for the ideas! Whitney (instagram filler also whitsigler)

    • So glad my room inspired you. I was dying for a white sofa, and the one I wanted was thousands. This sofa is from IKEA and was only $499 with the slip cover, check it out they have several styles. Good luck.

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