An Auction Find for my Kitchen-A Large Store Scale

Back on October 6, I posted my new kitchen update, in all its glory. From the old disconnected look of several colors of paint to everything white and fresh and clean. With the addition of only a new refrigerator and a new faucet. That same day after posting those pictures, my sweet husband won at our local auction this absolutely beautiful large store scale for me, which is drop dead gorgeous, well if you are into that kind of thing. He knew I wanted one, and was tired of settling for the smaller versions, which I have a few of. He found it and bid on it totally on his own.  I love just about everything vintage. He brought it home from work with him and it was so heavy he needed to get help from our son in law to bring it into the house.  He said it weighed 200lbs, of course it didn’t weigh that much, you know how men exaggerate. But he was truly concerned after he won it, that the weight might break the counter top. I of course had stood on that counter top more times than I am willing to admit and knew it would be perfectly fine. I didn’t want to admit that because he is a big guy and I don’t want him thinking he can stand on the counters. ha ha

Tammys Blog 040b

Anyway ………if you could have seen me, I was running around like a crazy women clearing the space while they went to the car to bring her in, and wow what a beauty. I am in love. It takes up, way to much room, and we don’t have room to spare, but I could care less. Its perfect. I am anxious to decorate around it over the holidays and through out the year.  So once again, here is my kitchen before the lovely new addition.

Tammys Blog 080a

………..and then after!

Tammys Blog 019a

Tammys Blog 048b

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Tammys Blog 028a

Tammys Blog 038a

Tammys Blog 040b

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