Wicker Domed Cloche

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I recently ordered these two lovelies to see if they would be something I would like to carry in the shop. I am absolutely in love with them, but wanted your opinion. Is this something you would be interested in seeing me make available to you? The large one is just that LARGE, and by that, I mean it took me by surprise large. For me that is what I love and adore about this piece, it makes a statement. If you set this on your dining room table or on top of a sideboard or hutch top, you are done. It is that beautiful. I am just guessing but believe it would cover a 25lb turkey. The smaller one, which is the normal size as far as I’m concerned would probably cover a 12lb Turkey. These two piece are lovey and different, and both come with the wicker tray under them as well as a leather handle. I have a thing for any type cloche, be it glass, metal, wire, and now wicker. I simply want to know if you think you would like to see this in my shop. These are not just for turkeys or hams, they would be beautiful at a picnic to keep the flies away, in the large one on my table I have all my wicker placemats stored, and while I’m asking, would you like to see the placemats offered as well, they are made from the same material. For some reason I have found myself drawn to all of these willow and wicker pieces recently. Here are a few shots. Leave a comment below or you can leave me a comment on my Instagram account Tammy Damore under one of the related pictures.

Tammys Blog 018a

Tammys Blog 019a

Tammys Blog 012a

Tammys Blog 004a

……and then the average size one.

Tammys Blog 003a

Tammys Blog 009a

Tammys Blog 010a

Tammys Blog 016a

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