Decorating the Staircase-Step by Step Directions

Every year I decorate my staircase with layers upon layers of faux pine green garlands, floral picks of different lengths,┬áChristmas fruit, ribbons, crystals, and feathers. These are the things I have chosen and it has changed over the years. I add in and take away as I go. Some things wear out and I get rid of them or I may just take a break from something because of the color. What ever the reason I am always collecting things to use on my staircase, mantle and just around the house. So I always buy multiple when I find something I love and I do mean anywhere from a dozen or two or even more. That way I have a more cohesive look. Of course I have purchased these things over years and years. So don’t try to go out and buy everything in one year, you will be broke with no money for gifts. But if you are interested in this sort of decorating do start collecting. I will show you pictures of each grouping of items, then a picture of them on the stairs. It is a very simple and easy process that I believe anyone can achieve and very easily. So lets go.

First thing is the garland, decide how you want it to swoop, how many times or do you want to wrap it around the rail, you can decide. I prefer the swoop. I did two large swoops and one small one at the top, and on the upper stairs one large swoop, I also wrapped it coming down the newel post. I did start with a commercial grade garland. Meaning I purchased them at a large warehouse and they were not cheap, several hundred dollars for the three for the stairs and one for the mantle. However I have had them for 20 years and going strong. Just tie them in with wire.

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Next the lights, I use garland lights, and I open some of the bulbs up, so they are not so tightly woven.

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I leave the lights on while I build this, lets call it one large flower arrangement. Nest the long picks. I use wire to tie everything in. I choose where I place my items carefully. Right after the swoop up and as the garland starts down.

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Then the shorter picks, I lay these a little higher to cover any stem that is showing and I bend these ends in or under a branch.

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Here is an example of how squashed some of the items are when I pull them out of the bin, just a little fluffing and its good as new. I always try to purchase things that are wired for this reason.

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Then ribbons. I reuse these from year to year as well, unless I am changing it up. I hold them oven my hand and pull the ribbon over the side of my hand to curve the ribbon under. I have them cut to different lengths.

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Next I add in crystals that you would purchase from the lighting department at Lowes or Home Depot. Using ornament hooks I hang them on the lower branches.

Tammys Blog 040aTammys Blog a

Here are a few pictures I took at night, with all the lights in the room off.

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Tammys Blog 073a


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And that’s it. It does take a lot of time. It took me two whole days and an hour or two on the third day, to complete. However it is not hard, and I adore the end result.

Let me know what you think.

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