A Tinsel Tree and some Vintage Ornaments

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I have collected Vintage Christmas Ornaments for many, many, years. However this year in particular we spent a lot of time at a local Flea Market, and we came across a ton of them through out the summer. In addition I had purchased a tinsel tree, not vintage, but the look of vintage about seven years ago and I have never put it up. My daughter and I drug it up from the basement twice and put it together and both times I bailed on it and packed it right back up and sent it back down to the basement. It isn’t a very large tree, just about 6 feet tall many a little more, and it isn’t very full, in fact one of the reasons I kept taking it back down is because it is so sparse. It is pre-lit so that is a plus because the strands of lights have silver cords. I had made a point to buy white stranded lights to add to the tree for additional lighting. Any way when I was finding so many vintage ornaments, and more and more every week, I decided that this would be the year that I would put the Tinsel Tree up and I would pack it full of vintage ornaments in silver, gold and blue. I also wanted to add in a little white some how, I was thinking puffs of snow, some laying on the branches, and then something brown, or something darker in color anyway, to tone the whole thing down. I was thinking some kind of natural element, maybe pinecones, but I wasn’t sure. Maybe even ribbons. You know you get these ideas, but then when you start to execute them, things can sometimes go in another direction. I kind of have my inspiration, and then I feel my way as I go. Its ok to change your mind, and tweak things along the way, that’s just letting your creative juices flow.

So the tree came up and once together,  Yes, I was already thinking “……………. bail, take it back down to the basement.” Why did this tree scare me so much. No, I was going to work this out. Well, no extra lighting was the first hurdle. I do love a lot of lights, but I was just going to go with the lights that came on it because I didn’t like how the white cords looked against the silver tree.  Moving past that now. I began to add in the vintage ornaments, remember I thought I had so many, not so much. I will need to add more, so I will continue to collect and I will defiantly be stealing some from the bins I bring up from the basement to decorate the main tree. 😐 I kind of did things out of order, no surprise there. As I was adding in these ornaments I realized I still needed something white. So I took a coffee break and jumped on my phone searching some stores for what I wanted, if I only knew what it was I wanted. I finally zeroed in on some fur garland, OH MY, that could go either way, it could be pretty, but it could also look trashy. I thought about just ordering it and having it shipped right to my front door, but I decided I would make the trip down and check out quality to see if it would work for the look I was going for. To my surprise it was a pretty nice quality and was on display in the store which was Pier1 Imports for anyone interested. They had it on a woodsy tree and it was gorgeous. So I decided I wanted them and got what I needed, I also picked up some floral picks there of snow covered baby pinecones, they would be the natural element I was looking for, and some bells that were only $1 a piece. In addition to all of that I found one sweet ornament at Kohl’s, which looked vintage, it is a truck with a tree on its roof in the sweetest teal blue. Between three stores and 5 trips I still only have 7 ornaments, really. Anyway the tree finally came together, I am glad I didn’t bail and that pushed through to make it work. I love the mood it sets in my dining room, and is small enough to tuck into a corner. I still need to add a star to the top, everything I have looked at in store seems like it would be to heavy, so I will probably use a star ornament I already have but is still packed away.

Here is a close-up of the Kohl’s ornament the pinecone floral pic.

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From the living room looking through the dining room archway.

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In the end I am super happy with the way this tree turned out, and in general the Vintage Inspired Dining Room as a whole. Hope it inspires you to add a little something old to your home.

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