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 I have been collecting Annalee Dolls since I was 20 years old and working as a buyer in a gift shop. They are a New Hampshire Tradition, and have been in business since 1934. It was the early eighties when” they found me”, and I instantly fell for those sweet little mice, and the Santa’s. Back then I considered them expensive and hard to find, but today they are readily available in stores like Homegoods, Marshalls, and TJMaxx, and are reasonably priced. A small collection added to any room adds a bit of whimsy that lifts your spirits for sure. Annalee, herself said, “It’s the positive-ness of the faces, its the smiles” that is what wins you over, each one is hand painted.  Since my taste is rather traditional and grown up, when it comes to Christmas décor, my children always enjoyed the display of these sweet dolls around the kitchen, at the Holidays. In particular a large Mr. and Mrs. Santa that holds a basket we always fill with glass candy and other sweet treats. They look for it even now, and they are all grown up. I have even given a few to my older daughter as gifts as well as a few from her childhood. Its sweet to now see them in her home, a kind of tradition. If you have never heard of them, check them out the next time you are out shopping, or check them out on line, you can read a little of there History there as well, and they have an on line shop. Here a few from my collection. I have tried to purchase at least one every year. I have mice, elves, angels, fairies, deer, and the Santa’s. They are wired so they do stand and you can reposition them and bend there little hands over things.

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I found an artist on Instagram @vintagesparrowstudiio this year whose style was a perfect match for my whimsical kitchen. Check her Etsy shop out here. The print on the wall is hers, so sweet. The creamy white pom-pom garland is from West Elm.

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These sweet little things are just lovely to set all over the place. I have a few elves in a bin in the basement I still haven’t come across. You can see how much fun they are, the kids enjoy them, but when you look into there tiny hand painted faces and see all the work that goes into each one, you can really appreciate the artist. Each one is dated somewhere on the piece, but its hidden so you know what year it was made.

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