Decorating on a Dime-Using a $3 Find To Decorate for Christmas

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I love to decorate, and shop, but lets face it, money doesn’t grow on trees, and sometimes you need to find a few inexpensive ways to update to décor. I don’t know about you but when I go into the stores at holiday time, my eyes open wide and it seems to me that everything on the shelves is something I really need. I mean, I don’t even have room to store all of the things I have currently. I am planning on having my girls go through some Christmas décor this year to see if they would like to take some of it off my hands. Am I scaling back, no, not by a long shot. However, I do want to move some of the old stuff out of my way, and since Christmas décor holds memories, I want to make sure it gets into the right hands. That said I still like to keep things fresh and updated, and I did order a few things and pick up a few new things while out shopping. But some times there are ways to add some character and freshness to your décor for very little money, if any. You may have what you need on hand. I spent $3 for these two music books total, I knew I planned to rip them apart for the holidays.

Here the first thing I did; I tore out a few pages, rolled them up, tied them with a string, and put them under a cloche. How sweet and festive does this look. Here I am using the Mercury Glass Pedestal from The Arrows Nest. I think this really makes a lovely presentation.

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Here I used the same cloche covered Pedestal as the center piece on my mantle. I adore the icy look of this Mantle Styling. Its my top pick when it comes to my recent Mantle Styling’s Post.

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And then some final tweaks, I added the wreath.

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Secondly I lined this clear glass candle holder with two pages to hide the stems of these faux florals, and turned it into a vase.

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Everyone has made a paper chain, here using the sheet music, I cut the pages into fourths, then glued them together. I love how the chain looks in my Vintage Inspired Decorated Dining Room. So simple. You can drape this paper chain anywhere.

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How simple can you get, ………here I really wanted some antique napkins rings, but didn’t find them in time for the holidays so I used some of that sheet music to make some out of paper, they looked lovely and in the end you can simple throw them out.

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Additionally I have wanted to make these easy paper ornaments forever, and I thought the smaller of the two music books was perfect for it. I carefully removed the back cover, then ripped several pages at a time out of the book. Folded them like fans, and tied them in the middle with some very light weight string, haven’t we have all folded a fan or two in our days. I made twice as many as I would need, because I glues two together to get a complete circle using a glue stick. Then using some Elmer’s glue, a tooth pick and some German Glass Glitter, from Miss Mustard Seed, I carefully applied the glue first and then the glitter to all of the edges of the circle ornaments.

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After I tied the fans I cut away the excess string.

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In the end I used the toothpick to make a small hole in the ornament and added a hook.

You can see I found many uses for my two music books, and I am sure there are many more. Some times the simplest things can make the biggest impact. Having so many things around the house in this vintage music gives the decorations a more cohesive look. Its not too much that it looks like a theme, just some simple touches, that give the décor a vintage feel.

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