Pom-Pom Wreath Tutorial

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I realize this tutorial is allover Pinterest. However, I wanted to share what I did, just in case someone out there can relate to it. So……..what’s one more tutorial?

I purchased everything for the project at Michaels and using a few coupons and purchasing when there was a sale it cost me about $70, compared to the $270 price tag at an upscale retail store, not bad.

10-skeins of wool yarn

1-18″ straw wreath leave plastic on

straight pins

Pom-pom maker

scissors-which I already had

Wool yarn has a certain look and that is what the original was made from that said you could substitute a less expensive yarn and get a very similar look. Pick a color, I adore this one in this marble gray color, but I plan to make some more and I will try a creamy white.

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I purchased this tool from Michaels for $7.99 it worked like a dream. I wrapped the yarn around each side about 70 times, but that was really packed.

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Here just close one side and open the other and continue wrapping the same piece of yearn, you will cut through it all at the end.

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……….67, 68, 69, 70….close

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Now its time to cut, using the pom-pom maker as a guide run your scissors along cutting through all of the yarn, but keep a tight hold on it, you don’t want it to come apart before you tie it up.

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Now cut off a length of yarn about 12 inches long and bring it up the middle into the area where you just ran your scissors through to cut. Pulling vey tightly, (this was the hardest part) tie it off, flip it over to the other side and tie it off two more times, then your done. Now just do that about a ba-billion more times!

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I roughly counted about  65-70 pom-poms to make this oversized wreath, you of course can make a smaller one and or put less yarn on each individual pom-pom, but I wanted mine large and in charge.

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This is a great winter craft. Once Christmas is over I will hang this wreath for the rest of the winter.

Here is how I ended up styling the wreath after the holidays were over.

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