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These dishes were my great-grandmothers, they belonged to the same woman Ella, who painted my dog painting. I would love to use them but they are way to fragile. I once held a cup in my hand and I heard it crack. So I simply cant risk it. However they are beautiful, so every chance I get to tack a picture of them I do. I keep them on display in my kitchen. I recently set a table with them, and yes, it was just for fun. I had purchased a large amount Christmas greenery and fresh white flowers for the mantle and then to move to the porch, and decided I would pull out the dishes and play a bit. I felt like I was a young girl again, setting the table, and making it pretty, just to later pack it all up a put it away. But I imagined how lovely a table my great-grandmother must have set all those years ago, and how beautiful it must have been. If only she knew that I had these dishes and was enjoying owning them so very much. I never knew her, and yet I feel I do. Anyway I had a lovely day and so I will share it here with all of you.

Of course I love to layer, and I adore things to be interesting when it comes to textures, so I pulled out these lovely wicker placemats to go with my fine china. Next I had been on the look out at the auction for months for some antique napkin rings, I had hoped to find them for the holidays, to no avail. For any of you out there who love antiques you understand, you don’t find them, they find you. So,……no napkins rings as of yet, so I needed to get creative. I love sheet music, and old hymnals and choral books and have collected quite a few, so I pulled one out a made some simple bands out of a few pages. I love how they turned out. Then layers of plates and the silver goblets my husband brought home from the auction this month, a table cloth and napkins I found at Homegoods, and tons of greenery and candles on top of my favorite mercury glass pedestal.

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