A Little Night Time Tour

One night I was up late, who am I kidding I’m up late every night, and as I came into the front rooms to turn off the lights I decided to grab a few pictures. A few adjustments to the camera settings, and here is what I came up with. All the light are out except for the Christmas lights. This 8.5 foot tree has 2000 lights on it, however still more ornaments to go and some finishing touches. Here is how anxious I was to share this withal of you, I don’t even have a tree skirt on this tree as of yet. Yikes. This is right inside the front door.

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My morning coffee spot, or “the think tank”

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This mantle styling, I moved to the Mirrored Armoire this morning. I wasn’t happy with the top of the armoire and suddenly realized they were the same width, so I  picked it up, and might I add it weighs about 20lbs and carried it into the dining room up a ladder and lifted it on top of this 7.3 inch high armoire, of boy, talk about straining your neck and back. But now I love it, and my new mantle styling as well. To be revealed soon.

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I hope you enjoyed this little light show.

Thanks for Stopping by the Blog

Merry Christmas

Tammy Damore


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