From Our Home to Yours-2015 Home Tour

Well here we are it is just a week before Christmas and everything is coming together. Before you know we will be thinking about New Years resolutions, Valentines Day, and Spring flowers. It all goes by so quickly, we simply move along and life is just slipping by. I thought I would share a little Christmas home tour for those who would enjoy it, and for me to remember.

Here the first of two new signs from Dear Lillie. a tinsel tree for the dining room that I had for years, and a hand craft for the mantle under the cloche.

Tammys Blog 039a

The winning Mantle Styling.

Tammys Blog 036a

A Night Time Tour.

Tammys Blog 020a

2000 lights!

Tammys Blog 023a

Some new/old furniture.

Tammys Blog 239a

Tammys Blog 041a

Tammys Blog 009a

Tammys Blog 007a

Another new sign.

Tammys Blog 024a

Tammys Blog 081a

My great-grandmothers dishes.

Tammys Blog 281a

Tammys Blog 271a

Tammys Blog 230a

Did I ever tell you adore felt?

Tammys Blog 034a

Remember I played around with several stylings on my mantle.

Tammys Blog 098a

A new tray from Painted Fox.

mmys Blog 082a

Oh yeas, the bells.

Tammys Blog 109a

The goblets we got at the aution.

Tammys Blog 085a

I did a few paper crafts, with sheet music, so fun and so easy.

Tammys Blog 100a

Tammys Blog 088a

Tammys Blog 043a

Tammys Blog 056a

Tammys Blog 088a

My traditional whimsical kitchen.

Tammys Blog 002a

Tammys Blog 008a

Some new furniture.

Tammys Blog 067a

mmys Blog 031a

Tammys Blog 115a

Well I hope and pray everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for Stopping by the Blog

Tammy Damore

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