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I have a few favorite things and I don’t think its any secret. Mercury glass; on my how I love Mercury Glass, and in all shapes and sizes. One thing to note that is that for some reason there is an over abundance of these pieces in stores at holiday time so stocking up after Christmas when its on SALE is a given, but please, please, please, use it all year round.

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Boxwood, how I love you……I mean I am not sure there is one other thing that adds a fresh modern look to a room so quickly, and yet it is very traditional décor…..this by the way is my favorite way to decorate, with things that are both modern and traditional. Boxwood comes in all shapes and sizes, and I have several wreaths in different sizes and a garland in my collection. They defiantly are not cheap but are worth the splurge. Here are a few ideas for the small 6″ wreath available at The Arrows Nest. This small size offers the most versatility, so why not try it out and see, but beware, they are addicting. If you are like me you start adding them in here and there and then you get more ideas, and you don’t want to tear apart what you have already done so you are buying more.

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Another favorite……Antique furniture; like this new/old armoire we picked up in November…..WOW what an impact it has made in this room.

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…..and painted furniture, like this piece I painted in Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone from last summer. We picked this piece up for a song and the transformation from the dark, heavily lacquered brown to white is amazing.

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Clearly I adore all things fur for the holidays, and white is my new favorite color. I think its so funny because when we bought this old house 20 years ago the entire house was painted white inside and out. We have spent all of those years getting out all the white and now I want it back. Just like a woman some would say. Yikes!!!

I hope and pray that everyone is enjoying this holiday season, have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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