Adding Some Volume to an Arrangement

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Just stopping in quick today to share a little something I’m up to today.

Sometimes a floral arrangement can fall a little flat, maybe not have the big look you envisioned. The truth is in order to get a full lush arrangement you need to layer in tons of pieces, and as a final all in, I like to layer in multiple pieces of ribbon, that I bend all in the same direction, which is under. As I was about to do just that today I decided to grab a few pictures and share the difference. This arrangement in particular sits low on top of this armoire, in some cases you could add a board, or even empty flat boxes, but the day I moved this arrangement from my mantle over to the armoire, I didn’t take the time to do so. You see, as usual I was in a big hurry, and I am still getting to know my new armoire, since she only just found me a month or so back. So all that to say this is what I did to fatten up the arrangement.

I started by fluffing my ribbon, this is ribbon I have been using for years, so I dug it from the bin and bent all the pieces in the same direction, under.

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Here is the armoire before…..

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and then after adding in all the ribbon.

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Just a weee bit fluffier, is that a word? Well anyway, it looks better in person. But definitely give the wired ribbon trick a try. I use it on my staircase and on the tree, I also add a piece here and there through out the rooms to bring it all together.

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Well I hope you are having a great day, I simply thought I would share what I was up to today.

Merry Christmas

Thanks for Stopping by the Blog

Tammy Damore

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