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Well for me it was a fabulous year. My first on Instagram and I have to say its been so much fun recording this photo diary of  “a year in the life of me”, lol. Every DIY, painting everything in site, and all the decorating. I mean almost every day I am messing with my decor. A friend asked me “when do you have time to clean with all the decorating and painting you do?” and I replied, everyday. The truth is when you are on this photo journey you have a camera in one hand and a dust rag in your other hand at all times. You hear me out there. ha ha  I remember when I was a young girl, having a diary that I wrote in, back then all entries were about boys, and it locked with a key so no one could see it. Now we want the whole world to see, times have changed. This has been a whirl wind, I actually cant even believe it has been a year. However, I am so glad I came along on this journey, and have these pictures to look back on. I am sooooo…… excited to do it all again, and then again. I made just a few tweaks to my favorite mantle styling for the new year, I removed the silver tinsel trees and added a few clocks under my favorite glass cloche. The mercury glass pedestal is from The Arrows Nest, as are the Trophy Urns.

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Happy New Year 2016

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