A POP of Color for the Dining Room

I adore almost everything about my dining room, especially after the addition of my new/old Mirrored Armoire back in November. Which by the way, we never thought in a ba-billion years we would ever find, let alone get for such a great deal. We bought it at a bid-board auction. And it was our lucky day, so to speak, because there was not any one else there that day that was interested in the pieces we wanted. We had seen similar pieces that were not even as nice, go for thousands and thousands of dollars. So needless to say we are very happy with the pieces we purchased that day and in particular this Mirrored piece because it is such a stand out.

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As lucky as I know I am though I was still looking for something to freshen up what I knew would look drained after all the Christmas was packed away. I don’t know about you but this is what happens to me every year. I pack the house out for Christmas, and after I pack it all away it feels bare. Part of me loves the clean empty spaces, but I am still looking for something to freshen things up but not necessarily fill things up. This past December I discovered these Navy Velvet Curtain over at West Elm and I fell in love. I knew right away I wanted them for another room, and since they were on SALE it was a no brainer. I did measure, but something went wrong and they were too long, however I was so in love with them I decided that they were exactly what I was looking for in my dining room to freshen things up and they wouldn’t add any clutter.

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I am suddenly in love with Navy Blue. I don’t really know how this happens, tell me I am not alone. I don’t pick a color, the color picks me. I am just going along and then “BAM” I am leaning toward loving everything in a certain color. Last year is was turquoise blue and now this year navy. At least the two will mix well.

I purchased a sign from House of Belonging,{well, my hubby bought it for me for my birthday} I have had my eye on this sign for awhile and now with my love for all things Navy, I decided to get the lettering in just that color. I am excited for it to come and I plan to hang it above the sideboard. It is here and it delivered, it is absolutely as lovely as can be.

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……and then once the flameless candle went on I grabbed another shot.

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AHHHH, the sideboard, now don’t all of you wood lovers go crazy out there, but this is the one thing in my room, the “ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM”, so to speak, that I don’t like. I love the piece of furniture and I have loved this piece of furniture for 20years, but I no longer love the color of the wood, it is too warm, too orange, too yellow. This dining room was red for 15 years and it looked “so fab” then, but I am not enjoying this piece at all, any more and I want to paint it. My hubby on the other hand, who is normally fine with whatever I do, is being a little stubborn. We will see what happens, if I cant paint it I may strip it or replace it. I hate to replace it. Don’t get me wrong, I love wood, but I don’t want to be so crazy for wood that I can’t paint it, and love it, for 20 more years! The truth is I am not really sure what I want at this point so I am putting this project on the back burner. If I were to paint it, I would use the same paint, from Miss Mustard Seed, I used for the Empire Dresser in the living room. One morning I will probably just wake and know what I want and then off I will go.

Along with the antique and vintage finds of silver and white pottery on this sideboard, is a recent nest I picked up at the sweet shop Fresh Vintage by Amy, near Lancaster, PA.

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A little paint job for the two small chairs that sit on each side of the sideboard. I purchased a small sample can of Hale Navy, by Benjamin Moore, and used very little on the chairs, the finish is egg shell, so I did apply a small amount of wax to protect them.

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Oh my table, well that is another story, I have had this table for 35 years, and yes, I am that old. The table had seen better days, has been refinished twice and last year I decided to paint it, not such a good idea. It hasn’t held up well, it chips easily, even after I took every step necessary to insure it would not. I am pretty rough on this table.  I really need a new table, but before I go that far I may try one more time at least, to salvage it with a DIY. I might strip the 10,000 coats of paint and poly that I put on this table top, off, and then, well I don’t really know. Does it need a new finish, is there some miracle product out there that will help me, or should I just save myself the work and buy a new one, I don’t really know what to do, back burner.

Additionally I added two navy and white striped pillow from Homegoods to the window seat for a fresh look, that screams Spring.

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……and this lovely custom pillow by Kendra, @sovintagechic  its perfection.

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And now that the living room has been repainted, I think we at least need to paint this ceiling white. Oh boy!!! Did I mention that I love to paint, but my husband doesn’t. And there is no way I could roll a ceiling, so this girl is gonna need some help, back burner.

And there you have it, a few things on the back burner, as usual, which pretty much means I am never done, because I never stop thinking about what else there is to do. Ha Ha So simply put, by adding a pair of velvet curtains in navy, two fresh navy and white pillows to the window seat, and a new sign my husband bought me for my birthday, I have successfully added a bit of color to my dining room. Not too much, just enough.

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