How to Make This Concrete Budapest Urn Look Like a Million Bucks

Hi there, hopw you are having a great Tuesday. It feels like Monday to me since my hubby was home from work yesterday. So here I am blogging, as if it were Monday. Anyway I wanted to share how easy it is to take a classic piece like The Concrete Budapest Urn from The Arrows Nest, which retails for $50 but is on SALE now for $40 and make it look like a million bucks.

I started with the Urn…beautiful on its own. Drop a fern in and you are set.

Tammys blog 081a

I purchased 5 stems of pretty purple flowers.

Tammys Blog 042a

After filling the urn with floral foam, and placed all 5 stems down in the center of the urn in a circle. Then added around the floral foam, very messily some Spanish moss.

Tammys Blog 041better

Tammys Blog 043a

Then for a little contrast I added another kind of moss it looked to me like nest material, but use what ever you can find.

Tammys Blog 044a

I then soaked some grapevine in warm water to soften it and make it easy to twist.

Tammys Blog 045a

And then I wound it around and around the urn any which way. This is not rocket Science, its fly by the seat of your pants.

Tammys Blog 047a

Tammys Blog 051a

Tammys Blog 061a

Tammys Blog 077a

To me this looks like it came from the florist with a hefty price tag.

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