A Little Facelift for the Bathroom

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As it goes with old houses, we had a bit of a slow leak, or more like an occasional leak in our second floor bathroom. It was the vent pipe on the roof, which I guess there was a little crack in the putty or what ever is around the pipe and roof to keep out the weather. And of course it led to a little damage. So we decided to add this little facelift to out 2016 painting projects. We had a long 3-day weekend and in my mind the entire project would be done by Monday night. I mean I planned the entire thing out in my head, but it never really seems to go as I have planned. it took the entire weekend just to do the patch job. Oh well, I should know better than to have such high hopes. Choosing joy anyway!!!!!!! So onward and upward. Not really to much as far as plans. We are painting the entire bathroom ceiling and walls the same color, Simply White, by Benjamin Moore. I  only purchased a couple of things for the room, a new pair of curtains from Anthropology, a new/old antique chandelier from one of my favorite shop in Lancaster, Fresh Vintage by Amy, and we are adding some shelves above the toilet, so a few boards, my husband may or may not have found an antique china cabinet to put in here, we are just not sure if the door knob will break the glass on the door, so we will see how that goes. But I wont have that figured out when this goes up, because the China cabinet is buried in the garage, so maybe in the Spring. The sweet and talented Anne from @laneybelldesigns supplied this hand painted sign, isn’t it dreamy. And that is it, still trying to figure out what I might change, buy, or just move from another room, into here, until we try out the China cabinet.

Anyway here is the work in process, the ugly truth so to speak. My hubby said when the pink turns white its time to sand and do it again.

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Try to ignore my filthy bathroom mirror, who knew?

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After very little effort really, a small patch job, some fresh white paint- which is Benjamin Moores color of the year 2016 Simply White, and it is amazing, a few gold touches, and I am left with a fresh, clean, modern-vintage bathroom. Clearly we still need to hang the new chandelier, which I believe will make the room. Here you can see I added the curtains.

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Some gold gilding wax for the tub feet, and the tub was painted white.

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A little touch of white paint on this antique mirror and some gold gild applied with my finger.

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This lovely hand painted picture by the sweet and talented Anne from @laneybelldesigns, adds just that tiny touch of sweetness this room needs. Check in with her, she adds things often, but they sell out quickly.

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And the icing on the cake, that one piece that made the room, YES, the Chandelier.

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A close up. You can see how anxious I was I don’t even have all the bulbs in yet.

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……and even closer!

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Usually I plan my projects out well in advance. This one was a little different, but it worked and was meant to be, the chandelier became available during the painting, and the gold accents I pulled from around the house. I do still have some shelves we are working on. I bought the brackets and was going back and forth about weather to spray paint them gold, and so now I am waiting for a warm enough day to take the job outside. I hope you enjoy this little facelift and are inspired to go gold.

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