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Ok, I have been here blogging for just over a year now. So……I thought I would go ahead and share a little more about myself. There is more to me than just decorating, well maybe. I do like things other than décor. I am a fashion lover, but have learned over the years to spend most of my money on the accessories and keep my wardrobe to just the basics. Not much different than decorating really. I try to keep my clothing pieces simple and all in a pretty neutral pallet, not unlike my house. Then I spend a little more attention on the accessories, like scarves, jackets, purses, and jewelry. Jewelry being one of my favorite things to purchase, and I am pretty all over the place with the style and type of materials I am attracted to. This is what makes it so much fun and so easy to change the look of an outfit.

An example would be this, lets say I was in a very basic black legging, long black tee, and black flats, by adding pearl necklaces and studs I would be wearing a classic almost Jackie O look; but take those same pieces of clothing and add in some funky, modern, artistic, pieces of jewelry and you have a modern, chic look, simply by changing your accessories. I have found this is the perfect way to get the most bang from your buck.

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I stumbled upon this artist owned company a few years back and fell madly in love. I have been buying this Jewelry ever since, sometimes up late at night, stalking there website for pieces they sneak in from time to time in limited quantities. I adore the modern/vintage feel of these pieces. The quality is amazing, and when ever I wear these pieces, people ask me about them. Its nice having something that isn’t the run of the mill.  Like I said I have been buying this Jewelry for years but recently they sent me a few pieces and I wanted to share this little secret “gem of a shop” with you! Check them out on Instagram @twistedsilver or jump over to there website at

I promise, you haven’t seen anything like these pieces before. The artist Debra Mitchell uses many found and vintage pieces to make her Perfectly Imperfect Jewelry pieces, which are truly pieces of art.

Additionally, I love using my collection of Jewelry as décor, why not pick up a few decorative pieces from Homegoods or Pottery Barn and display your pieces of jewelry for easy access, and because, why not, its so pretty, and you are more likely to wear your pieces if they are at your finger tips. I don’t know about you, but if it is to much work to dig through boxes to find a piece, I am likely to just forget it.

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Because they are so nice over there, they have graciously offered a coupon code, good for 15% off your purchase. Here is how it will work. 15% will be deducted at check out using the code: prettylittlethings (even SALE item) excluding outlet items, Twisted Girls Subscription Box, and any charity events and or pieces.

Let me just warn you, this place is addicting!!!!! A little peek into my collection.

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