Two Old Chairs Now Have Modern Appeal

When my husband and I found these two old chairs last year, I instantly saw them as perfect for this project. He loved the old dark wood, I saw a very pretty scalloped edge on the under part of the back of the chair and knew instantly once painted navy they would really pop against the white tongue and grove in the dining room, its all perspective. I had seen a similar project on Pinterest and knew I wanted to give it a try. I chose the color Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore, because of its deep, deep tone, however you could still see it was navy. Here you can see how the chairs began.

Tammys Blog 052a

Just meh, you know 2 old chairs. Not to exciting, kind of plain and understated. I wanted a little more of a modern twist.

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Using a sample can of paint, which cost $6.99 I began the exciting work of transforming them into 2016!

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Here you can see the difference, one looks old and the other modern and new.

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 I used an egg shell finish paint and I did give them a light coat of wax by Annie Sloan.

Oh, but I am not finished yet. To add even more of an updated look, I am painting the bottom 5 inches of these chair legs in gold, with the same gilding wax I uses on the tub legs.

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I simply taped off the length of leg I wanted gold, flipped them upside down and painted it on. It really could not have been any easier.

Tammys Blog 015a

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Now back in place they look 100 times better with a pop of color.

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I hope this inspires you to paint something.

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