I am smack dab in the middle of a tiny little facelift for my second floor bathroom, the reveal is coming soon. While on this journey I decided to use some gilding wax to update my antique claw foot tub feet, and an antique mirror that was my grandmothers. I have had this mirror for about 30 years and I can not even tell you how many times I have painted it. Of course it looked perfectly fine in its antique white with silver glaze, and I could have left it as is. But because I am adding so much gold and because I just purchased an antique chandelier in gold for this bathroom, I decided to go ahead and paint this old girl again. I didn’t cover the old paint completely, I wanted it to have many layers of color, I figured the more layers the more character. Here it is hanging on the wall, right before I started.

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Here you can see the subtle white dry brushing I gave the mirror all over the center and then just hitting the high points on the frame. I am barely touching the actual  mirror.

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Once it was completely washed it out in white, I went in with the gold gild wax. using my finger, I applied the wax to all of the high points and edges of the frame, rubbing it in as if to buff it.

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If you look closely here, you can get a glimpse into the new bathroom.

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The tub is painted with Benjamin Moore’s color of the year 2016, Simply White. The shop I purchased the glaze from is no longer in business, however you can find similar items on the market. I used a 1/4 inch artist brush to paint the tub feet.

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The mirror took me about 30 minutes, and I painted the tub legs in 15 minutes before I went to bed one night. I adore the end result. Now I can not wait to add the new chandelier. Coming to the Blog soon, the finished room.

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