Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


I have always loved to paint, especially Faux finishes on walls and furniture. I have used latex paint, Old Village paint, and Milk paint, but I had never heard of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or had any idea what it really was, when I stumbled across it two years ago. To me, chalk paint was something you painted onto a surface and it became a chalk board. But this was something completely different and  interesting to me. I watched many, many YouTube how-to videos about how to use it, and I found a blogger that I enjoyed reading, her website is It’s been a couple of years now, I spent months looking into it, reading about it, and then finding a place to order it. I placed my first order in 2013 and painted a small table I had, that I was thinking about getting rid of, and I fell in love. I made a second purchase of paint in another color, to paint a rather large armoire that I have had for years and serves as storage for many of my decorations that I rotate in and out of my rooms. And then…………..I waited, and waited, and waited, yes, I was very scared to put the brush to the wood. It took me exactly a year, and then one day I just decided, this is it. I emptied the cabinet-{which by the way would not have been necessary unless you planned to paint the inside} and the minute the paint touched the piece, I was fully committed and super excited about what I was seeing. The armoire was a dark brown, no sanding is needed with ASCP, you just start painting. It did take two coats, but the coats dry in about 20 minutes, so by the time you are done, it’s time to go back and start again. Unless it’s a smaller piece. You do follow up with clear wax-to protect the finish, and you can follow that with dark wax-to give and antiqued look to the piece. All in all, I love how this piece turned out, and I have painted a round table that I found for $50.00 at a local thrift store as well. I will include the pictures I have. I only have before and after of the armoire, but I will be painting several pieces and a floor over the next few months and will share a more detailed blog posts with before, after, and along the way photos of these projects, so stay tuned.

Here is a picture of the my first piece, the one I almost put to the curb before I painted it, now I’m in love.


This is the Armoire that I did take before and after pictures of.



And this is a $50.00 dollar thrift store table I painted with the color graphite, I did sand down the top of this table to remove some textural issues, and when I did that, my husband fell in love with the grain of the wood, so I dry brushed the top of this using very little paint, so you could still see the grain through the paint. It turned out very rustic looking.

photo-8 photo-5

This paint is a dream to work with, and I am excited to start a few more projects coming up.


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