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It is a dark, dreary, day, here in PA, a little snow flurry and really I feel like I could just sleep the day away. But you know then I would feel like I wasted a perfectly good day to get some things done, so I am pressing on with some good uses for old books. Some old books are so beautiful and valuable that you would never want to do anything to them except preserve them and keep them on a high shelf away from little fingers. But others, are just that old, dirty, not of any real use any more. We use them in decorating all of the time, we stack them, some we use to elevate other décor, or we fill old crates and wooden bowls with them, or just line them up on our book shelves. But some of the old books I have picked up for pennies or even free, are not even worthy of any of that. So here is an idea I found on Pinterest. I gave it a try and I adore it. I will collecting more and more books now that I have found this to work so well. To start gather up all the old ugly books you have. Try to choose books with cloth covers, once the paint is on the fabric it show off the texture of the fabric for some interest.

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Then some supplies, I grabbed a can of Pure White Chalk Paint, some Mod Podge glue, a sponge applicator, and either brown craft paper, or a roll of canvas. I found all my supplies at Michaels.

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Start by painting the binding of the book first, then lay the book out and paint the rest, all of my books required 2 coats of paint.

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Just lay them out to dry for about an hour. Ha ha don’t choose red books, after about 10 coats of paint, including a coat of High Hide Primer, this one red book is still pink.

The DIY I read, the girl used brown craft paper, but I found this at Michaels and I love it, either would be fine. I simply wanted a more monochromatic look. Then I cut off a piece of the canvas, with a permanent marker I wrote the title of the book and using the Mod Podge glue, I pasted the labels on. The ripped up and frayed edges the books have the better they look.

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After about 2 hours, I placed them in the cabinet, and I am in love. The next day, when I did more I changed the titles of the books to those I wished they were. I am thinking this would be lovely in a young childs room as well, for décor. You could do all fairy tales. Anyway this was a quick, easy, and very inexpensive DIY, you may like to try. I plan to be painting books for a while, I feel I need stacks and stacks of them.

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Another possibility, which would be great for those red books or any hard to cover color, is to totally rip the covers off. I have done this in the past and adore the look of this as well.

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By the way a set of 5 of these painted books, at a high end retailer, is priced $185.00 so get painting.

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