A Library Table’s second life as a Coffee Table

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Recently I removed the desk turned coffee table from the living room and moved it into the family room. I really felt it was to heavy of a look for the living room. Plus we didn’t have anything in the family room, {ha, a room I haven’t shared here or on Instagram as of yet}  except for an ottoman and we eat a lot of our meals back there in front of the TV. I wanted something wood, that I could paint {of course}, and give a bit of a rustic or weathered look. We found a library table at the auction that was perfect, but would require some cutting down to get it to the right height. Unfortunately the only picture I have of the table before it was cut down is lost on my computer some where. But basically it was 6 1/2 inches taller. My husband took it apart and cut each of the round supports down and then put it back together. The table weighs a ton, and is solid oak. But the table top is ruined which is why we got it for a song. No worries I plan to remove the remaining veneer and paint it.

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What lifts veneer in the first place, right??? The answer is moisture. So I heavily sprayed the entire table top with water, then laid a towel on it and sprayed some more. I kept the towel wet by spraying it every few hours for the entire day, so about 9 hours. When my hubby got home from work we started to scrape it up. It was coming up pretty cleanly, but was really going to take some time. So he broke out the big guns, the dremel, and using a scraper type attachment it came up like a breeze.

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After the two layers of veneer were gone we gave it a good sanding.

Sanded down and ready for paint.

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Ahhhhh, better already. At this point my husband thought all it needed was a good coat of poly…….I just looked at him crooked and he walked away. He knows me better than that. I mean it did look better, but it still looked like we drug out of some old basement or attic, this girl needed a makeover.

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Using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, I mixed 1-part Iron Stone and 1-part Farmhouse White, and then 2-parts bonding agent. I didn’t want any chipping, which is why I added the bonding agent. I painted the table. I had used the Iron Stone color on the Empire Dresser and it is my absolute favorite painted piece of furniture in my whole house. Plus the Ironstone is one of my favorite colors, it is such a pure white but also so soft looking. I am in love. However it takes many coats to cover something dark. I mixed the two whites together so it still looked like it matched the other piece but I did get way better coverage. I was informed, by the owner of the shop where I purchased the paint that the new Farmhouse color had better coverage, I only mixed the two together so it would still be close in color to my already painted piece in the same room.

Here we go. As you can see the table has potential, beautiful soft feminine lines, not to fancy, but that dark heavy lacquer, oh my. I have got to get that covered up.

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After two coats of paint.

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If you look closely on the bottom shelf, you can see I had some bleeding through. I have seen this before on really old wood. I coated it with General Finishes top coat to block the bleed, and let it sit over night.

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Then back to another coat of paint. Once it was dry, I rubbed in the Hemp oil, which I love. It gives it such a soft look. We set it in place and I added some décor.

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I can not even tell you how in love I am with this piece. This is my second piece with the Miss Mustard Seed paint, and I adore it. I’m looking around for something else to paint. Ha Ha

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