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Ever since we added the armoire in the living room last fall, I have noticed the antique, round, dark gray table, didn’t show up as well. So I started to think about painting it white. But could everything be white. That seems to be what my eye wants to see. Anyway it was a project I didn’t really have time for, and I couldn’t believe I wanted to repaint a piece I had just painted 2 years prior. So I forgot about it and moved on to other things, But once we painted the living room white, I thought I would love it again but I didn’t, I wanted change. Then one day I was flipping through Instagram and there it was a round table just like mine, painted in a light color, maybe not the white I was picturing, but light enough to motivate me to jump up out of my chair grab the paint and brush and start painting. There was nothing to think about, I was painting within 10 minutes. Here is the living room before, with the dark table but white walls.

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Here the dark table with gray walls.

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Here is how it went.

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Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White, from Fresh Vintage by Amy, check her out SHE SHIPS, I started up under the table top and worked down and then around. Painting on a regular coat then rubbing it off with a rag. I was going for that finish you pay so much money for, you know the store.

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You can see how the paint thinned out as I rubbed it off.

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I worked around the entire base then moved to the top.

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For the top I wet the rag so the paint would even thin out more. I did ring out all the water I could get out of the rag out.

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Then painted in sections going with the grain, and then rubbing it off with a rag.

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One coat done, scary right.

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This is a second coat, but I did it a little different. I dipped my brush into a little water then into the can to pick up a small amount of paint and I didn’t paint a thick coat, just here and there. Going for the look I wanted.

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At this point the entire table got a coat of clear wax.

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After about 20 minutes I did a little distressing with some fine sand paper to expose some of the original grey.

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Tammys Blog 103a

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I finished with one more coat of wax, it was a mix of 10 parts dark and 1 part clear.

Once finished I wasn’t sure if I loved, loved, loved, the table top. I tried a little décor and slept on it.

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Tammys Blog 011a

The next day I reevaluated and I felt the top needed to be whiter, for some reason I really struggle with table tops. So two more thin coats of paint right over the wax. Then a coat of clear wax and a coat of the mix, which is 1 part dark to 10 parts clear.

Tammys Blog 016a

Again I tried a little décor and yes, I loved it.

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Now I need to style it.

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I do love the table white and the room white, but I am really dying to add in more touches of color. I am keeping my eye out for anything blue for sure and maybe a little pink, or raspberry. Oh my. Talk again soon.

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