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This will read as sort of like a diary along the way. I will try to document everything, but you know some times I get so excited to start, that I forget to bring the camera with me. Ha

Today I plan to spray paint the red radiator and bring it back to white. So that we can begin priming, yes, we need to block the red paint on the walls with High Hide Primer, so we don’t need a dozen coats of paint to cover it. Better to prime, which is less expensive, than waste good quality paint trying to cover red walls. But really I always prime, to ensure I get good coverage, and yes, even if the can says Paint/Primer, I still prime. It is just who I am, my poor husband.

So here it is in all its glory, yuk. I can not even believe that I thought this was once lovely. That red, oh my, it is the same red I once had in my dining room.

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My hubby will be building some doors to cover the crawl space, there is one on each side of the room.

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This window wall will be the accent wall done in wall paper provided by

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We coated the red walls with two coats of High Hide Primer, only one coat everywhere else. Then two coats of Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. I purchased the same color in three finishes. Flat for the ceiling, eggshell for the walls, and Satin for the molding. It is a bright white and I love it.

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Primed, painted, and primed again for wall paper.

And here we go. Let me begin by telling you I have never wall papered before. Yikes! I was excited to take on this project, because I knew I would love the finished wall. However, could I do this,” of course I could”, is what I told myself. After all, don’t we as women feel like we can do what ever we put our minds to. My teacher was Youtube. I watched several videos, and after I soaked up all the information I could, which was about 6 hours of videos, it took me 2 1/2 hours to do the job, ha ha! I made a few mistakes along the way, and the wall in this over 100 year old house is quite crooked, but it all worked out in the end, which is all that matters. I was just praying I didn’t go up the next day or even that evening, and find all the paper on the floor. All is well. I did learn from my crash course on wallpapering, that the best paper to use if you are a beginner is Paste the Wall. Luckily that is what I had.The reason, you are not carrying heavy wall paper to the wall. Of course the second bit I took away from my training, ha, was that a second pair of hands would be helpful. That said I wanted to move at my own pace, either in a hurry or at a snails pace, and since I didn’t know what to expect, I did it alone. It was manageable and I got it done. Lastly the most important thing for a feature wall was that you should start in the center of your wall, so that the pattern is the same at each side of the room when you end. It worked out perfect. I did make a plumb line on the wall each time, because of this old house. I love the end result and would do it again.

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We plan to build some book shelves floor to ceiling in this spot. Nothing to fancy, more of a farmhouse flare.

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Ahhhhh……the bookcase floor to ceiling, oh my. Why is everything such a circus around here? Well I think my husband and I talked about how to build the bookcases for more hours than it took to build them, kind of like the wallpaper. It went like this, after hours of talking about it, over two days. We finally figured it out, only to find out that, where we needed there to be a stud, there was no stud. Soooooo, we emptied the entire cubby, that myself and my daughter had just packed tight over Spring break, so that he could crawl into the cubby and add the stud where we needed it. Then we packed everything back in the cubby. And things really began to roll, until we got to the slanted wall and realized, NO STUD! We decided it would be a three shelf bookcase at that point and maybe we would revisit it again, probably not. Ha

Years back my daughter wanted a daybed, but all I could find out there were outdated brass and not so attractive wood ones. So I opted for two antique headboards, and we made our own. A fresh coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White from Fresh Vintage By Amy, is all it took to make this one a beauty.

Tammys Blog before pics bed and DRtable 002a

Tammys Blog before pics bed and DRtable 006a

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We purchased a trundle to go underneath, so we could sleep two.

The Fun is in the Details

With the addition of this sweet White Chic bedding from the lovely girls over at I just want to crawl in myself and dream. On top of the bed a load of pillows, some old, and some new. The dark pink ones in the back are old and from Homegoods, the light pink ones are from Target, and this sweet “OH Darling” pillow is from

Tammys Blog daybed 008a

Tammys Blog daybed 015a

This antique pink wool carpet, is just what this, all white room needed to cozy it all up, along with a place to lounge and read a book. The white lanterns from Birch Lane, add a little light with there flameless candles. A special print in Raspberry from Dear Lillie adds that sweet girlie girl look, and really pops against the teal wallpaper.

Tammys Blog daybed 011a

Tammys Blog kendra room and a sign 002a

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The chalk drawing is by my daughter, Kendra, she did it years ago, and is now studying Fashion Merchandising.

Tammys Blog kendra room and a sign 012a

Can we talk about how darling this Unicorn head is. Oh my goodness, its from Target. The beautiful Audrey Hepburn wood sign is from WILLIAMRAEDESIGNS , the iron mirror with wren is from Antique Farmhouse, and the ceramic crown candle holder and flower bunch are both from Joss & Main.

Tammys Blog daybed 017a

This sweet small print is from my daughters shop kristinschmuckershop , it is actually part of a small booklet that has a dozen prints in it. The vase holder which is perfect for all those spring blooms is from The Arrows Nest.

Tammys Blog kendra room and a sign 020a

Tammys Blog kendra room and a sign 024a

The white ruffled linen pillows on this couch are to die from and can be found over at Bows and Burlap. Check her out, I have several of her pillows and they are all beautifully made.

Tammys Blog kendra room and a sign 034a

Tammys Blog kendra room and a sign 038a

Well that a wrap. I am moving out into the foyer/hallway where there is a small dressing area, and then into the front bedroom to do it all again but with different details. Thanks so much for following along on this journey with me.

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