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A few months back my husband and I did what we do best, we went for a road trip to the Pocono Mountains to do some antiquing. We brought home just a couple of really special pieces. Nothing was expensive. You do need to keep an open mind, when you are on the hunt for, “THE FIND” because you just never know what you will come across. One of the pieces I found that day, was the lovely carved wood piece you will see in a lot of my pictures, if you haven’t already figured it out, its one of favorites. If you remember, or if you are new to the blog, I was not even sure what it was when I came upon it in the shop. As I looked around the shop I began to get an idea, there were lots of pieces that appeared to be part of some larger item at one time. We decided to ask about the piece, at one time it sat behind the foot peddles of a grand piano. Many of the pieces were in this shop, legs and all. I paid $28 for this gem.

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On this same trip my husband spotted this table, which was in need of a little paint, in my opinion. I was attracted to the tiny heart in the base of the scroll work. So I decided it would be a perfect choice to do an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Makeover with. The table was pretty, however it was very dark and heavy looking. I have been drawn to lightening things up, [a bit] lately. So, yes, I painted it.

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I did a custom color of 2-parts Graphite and 1-part Paris Grey. It made the perfect medium shade of gray, which I adore. the heart shows up even more now that the table isn’t so dark. NO sanding or priming is necessary when you paint with chalk paint. I used two coats of paint, 20 minutes apart, paying close attention to brush in the direction of the woods grain. The next day I brushed on clear wax and rubbed it off with a soft clean white rag, I worked in small sections at a time, moving with the grain of the wood.  About two hours later, I mixed 3-parts clear wax with 1-part dark wax and applied it in the same way, working in small sections at a time, brushing on and wiping off. I then allowed the table to cure for three days before styling.

The styling of this table was of course the most fun. Because I have a number of  things on the piano and the round oak table that sits in the center, of this side of the room, I wanted to keep it simple. I purchased this wood carved horse statue from Joss & Main,  so it didn’t compete with the other decorations that sit close to this table. Buying some larger pieces helps to keep the room from appearing to cluttered. I am on the hunt for a lamp to replace the candlesticks. You can’t have to many lamps, right? I pulled this black one from another room for now.

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The curtains are the next thing to go into the room, follow along on Instagram for even more pictures.

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