Simple Decorating Touches-a 2-minute DIY

That’s right, a 2-minute DIY. It will take me longer to write the blog post, take the pictures, email the pictures, download the pictures, upload the pictures, and add media, then to actually do the work. I recently purchased more chalk paint. In that order I purchased a jar of the Gilding Wax, in King Gold. I am planning on painting a dresser, in our now extra bedroom. The dresser has a lot of raised edges, that I thought would look lovely gilded. However I wanted to try it out first. Usually I would do a sample board before I put the brush to the wood. But in this case, I had a small angel wing, I purchased many years ago, on one of our many trips to Rehobeth Beach, in one of my favorite shops…… I bought the wing, and what I call a cage, at the same time, and I keep the wing in this cage most of the year. Both pieces are the exact same shade, a dull brown/bronze. I thought in order to make the wing stand out more, that a little glaze might do the trick.

Here is the wing before….

photo (157)

Using a paper napkin, I barely dipped into the lid of the jar and rubbed the gilding wax on just the raised edges. Done, it was that easy. I know this wasn’t rocket science, but I wanted to share. The wing is a stand out now, and really pops against the color of the cage, instead of blending in. 😉

photo (145)

photo (144)

I hope this little tutorial helped and inspired you to gild something.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tammy Damore

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