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Wait, what, didn’t I just paint over the last bit of red that was left in this old house. Well, hold on, I am using this red paint from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to custom mix the perfect fuchsia. I drove over an hour to my stockiest for this paint, and only bought this small sample of the red, because what else would I use red for, and you guessed it, it wasn’t enough and I had to call on Monday and get the shop owner to ship me out a quart. Why, why, why, do I insist on learning everything the hard way. I also stocked up on a few more colors.

Any way, I have teamed up with Royal Designs Studios to do a feature stencil wall in this Girly Girl Glam Grown-up Room, using the design Silk Road Suzani.

For me the hardest thing was figuring out where to start on this wall. It is widely recommended that if you are doing a feature wall whether its a stencil, vertical ship lap, wall paper, or anything that has a pattern, you should start in the middle of your wall, so each side matches when you end. Since I had a two windows right in the middle of my wall, and I only had a few inches over the top of windows, and not much more underneath, it would be a challenge. If I could have found center on the wall and started right there it would have been easy to get started. Instead, { and I am sure this was the hard way, because that is the way I roll. } I taped the stencil in the middle as if the windows weren’t there and then moved it along carefully to one side, keeping it as close to perfection as I could. Once I saw where I would generally be on the actual stencil if I were to start in this upper side of the window, I taped down the stencil and began. I hope everyone followed that. YIKES You can see in the picture below, I taped off around the ceiling and side walls, in some places two and three pieces of tape thick, so not to get any paint on the ceiling or adjoining walls.

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I taped down my stencil, and using a stencil brush I dipped into some paint I had poured out onto a paper plate, swirled it around on the plate to spread the paint out evenly onto my brush and then swirled it onto a paper towel to remove the excess, and avoid any paint running or seeping behind the stencil. I continued down the wall and then moved over to the next highest point paying close attention to line up the registration marks along the way. I will add here if you are doing a project like this in an old home, you will need to break a few rules. Because I can see with my eyes that the space above the windows on one side is greater than that on the other side, I know things are not perfect. This house is over 100 years old and I don’t think there is anything left that is perfectly plumb and level. Every time I moved the stencil I used my level to insure the stencil was plumb and level.

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Like I mentioned above, I am using a custom mix of Old White and Scandinavian Pink from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. This mix was a 5 parts old white to 1 part Emperors Silk ratio. I poured it into a mason jar for mixing. If you work with chalk paint which is recommended, it means the paint dries very quickly, which allows you to complete one section, move your stencil, and tape right over the paint you just applied. This makes the entire project move along quickly.

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You do need to stop along the way several times, to wash your stencil. I put mine in the tub and used a little kitchen scrubby to gently scrub the paint away, it comes off very easily. Then I laid it out onto a large towel to dry, and I was right back at it. I probably washed it 5 or 6 times for the pink.

After the entire wall was done, I went back in here and there filling in the gaps with the stencil. There was a ceiling runner so to speak, that I ran over the window because of my uneven ceiling. Additionally, I laid the stencil back over certain sections and gave the wall a little Gold Gild, just for fun. I wasn’t looking for perfection here, I wanted the gold to be off in areas, so I fudged the stencil over a little more or up a little more so it wasn’t perfectly lined up.

This project took me two days, and the pay off was enormous. The wall went from plain white to BAMMMM, which is exactly what I wanted, and I would definitely do it again. Check out Royal Design Studio, link above, for a fun summer project.

Because of the bold print and color I decided to keep the décor on this wall simple, but not boring. I decided to use all antique gold gild frames for a big impact. You can see I will be collecting a few more, since I want the wall packed out. But for anyone who does a little antiquing or vintage hunting knows, it can take years to get your hands on exactly what you want, so I will be adding them slowly. I do absolutely love the look.

Here a few close ups of the stencil and then some pictures of the finished wall and room.

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Tammys Blog attic and DR 130a

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I need to make a new lamp shade cover for this lamp, its on the back burner, since my sewing machine is broke.

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There are still a few little touches I plan to do in here, but for now I am done.

This room turned into a retreat. It’s pretty, girly, but grown-up, and it’s a lovely place to go and relax. It really is a Happy Place. #pinkproject

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