Painting a Piece Pink

Tammys Blog attic BR 043a

I love pink, it makes me happy. I have often thought about painting a piece of furniture pink, but was that “too little girl?” I didn’t have any little girls any more, and pink could go wrong really fast…….but recently I decided to give our third floor bedrooms a facelift and thought this was a perfect opportunity. So I took on a couple of #pinkprojects This one in particular is a piece of furniture I have had for soooooo many years. Every one of our three daughters had used it, at some point growing up. It was in pretty rough shape, which in my mind made it the perfect piece to paint pink, because if it didn’t work out, no biggy, I would simply paint over! But then isn’t that true of any piece really.

Over the years I have painted so many pieces of furniture, the number is too high to count. I have probably painted at least 20 pieces with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and this would be the next. I had been inspired recently by a girl I found on Youtube, Kari Caldwell Studios, to step out of my comfort zone a little, and paint the piece in a bit more of an artistic way, instead of just picking a color. So I picked three colors. I would look at this piece the same way you apply makeup to your face. NO DIFFERENCE, RIGHT? HA HA The main color would be Scandinavian Pink, the contour or shadows would be CoCo, and the highlights would be Old White. And just like your face, I applied the base color, then shaded into the deep crevasses with the brown and hit the high points with the Old White. When every thing was dry, I went back in with a careful and strategic second coat of pink. And I am in love. My goal for the piece, was for it to look and feel like I drug it out of a barn this way, with years of wear and tear, and paint fading in areas.

Here are some photos along the way. Old right?

Tammys Blog attic BR 001a

You can see hear that I didn’t give it a thick heavy coat but rather a light coat, allowing some of the wood grain to still show through, so it looks worn in.

Tammys Blog attic BR 003a

Tammys Blog attic BR 010a

Tammys Blog attic BR 012a

The shadows.

Tammys Blog attic BR 015a

The highlights.

Tammys Blog attic BR 021a

Tammys Blog attic BR 022a

Tammys Blog attic BR 035a

And then to finish off the piece I gave it a coat of clear wax and buffed it in, then a few areas I went in with a mix of 10 parts clear to 1-part dark wax, buffed it out and its done.

Tammys Blog attic BR 043a

You can see the richness the wax adds to the piece. Over all I love the piece and I feel it adds something special to the room, and only took an afternoon. Have fun painting.

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