Layering Things-Adds Dimension and Interest

I have a wall in my living room where I have a pretty display of four coordinating prints of Paris Theaters, I adore them because of there neutral color scheme. But in order to step things up a little, I thought  I would add a wreath on top of the prints, I feel this gives the prints an elevated look, and adds dimension and interest. As well as a little color, without detracting  from the neutral look of the wall.

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I like to layer things on top of other things, and in front of other things, to create the same effect. Its no different than adding layers of sheets and blankets, and piles and piles of pillows to a bed to give it that full, plush, look and feel. Its really all the same.

This small table top layered with clocks and tiny things, is interesting because of all the layers.

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Here, I added this tiny boxwood wreath in front of a mirror.

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Or on top of a tray….this Simple Farm House Tray, from Painted Fox Treasures looks amazing with this small boxwood wreath tied to it with a ribbon.


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Here I added just a few layers to my March mantle, some ivory tulips, a small ceramic bird, and a book I found that had gold edged pages.

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I love adding layers of things to this large round table, to give it a full look.

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Because layers add depth and interest, look around to see where you can add a layer to elevate a look you already have. Simple touches like faux or fresh flowers, and wreaths of any kind, and in all shapes and sizes, is all you really need.

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