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Isn’t life grand. I am constantly scouring antique and vintage shops, yard sales and flea markets, and so I am continually bringing new pieces into my home and moving something out of the way to make room for something new, and trust me after 30 years of marriage that’s a lot of moving things around, ha ha!!! I have always been very artistic, and love mixing clean lines and high-end finishes with old chippie paint and rustic design. Pretty much I love it all. For me bringing a new piece into a room whether it be big or small, adds new life to the space. I can literally go to Homegoods and buy one thing, {like that ever happens} and come home and clean the entire space that I plan to place that one new piece in. I just, can never wait.

What a difference one piece can make. Here is a look back at a piece I picked up at the auction, and then the transformation with paint.



 I often use the hash tag #ahouseinbloom for me, this translates “always changing and never the same” I love to move pieces around from room to room and from, floor to floor. A, “shop the house” kind of experience. I prefer the look of vintage and modern mixed, chippy worn paint, concrete and iron, wood, a lot of texture, and piles of pillows and throws. I love this little saying I heard recently, that “Pillows to an adult are like stuffed animals to a child”, ha ha. this made me smile. Mostly I try to stick to a pretty neutral pallet, to get the most, years of use out of a piece, and to allow me to use it in any room. However I do enjoy adding in punches of color for a bold look, that can easily be removed when my mood changes. Don’t feel guilty if you have an attic, basement, or garage, packed to the gills with all the things you love but cant fit in your home right now. I mean come on people, Joanna Gaines has a storage warehouse, “we are fine!!!!!”. If you love and adore decorating, I am sure you have some over flow. Some things are worth keeping and working in and out, others maybe you need to let go of. You could donate or even sell a few things to make a little cash to get something fresh and new. For me I am often picking up items I plan to use down the road on some new project, that is only in my mind at the time. And I mean, when you see it, buy it, DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THE MERCHANDISE PEOPLE, isn’t that a known fact, you know you will regret it. Although, over the years I have done just that, for lack of funds, or maybe it wouldn’t  fit in the car, not to fret, you will find it again, or maybe you will find something even better.

I also find sticking to a neutral pallet allows me to transition in and out of styles. If everything is white I could easily add in say, a Macramé wall hanging, a Henna printed throw, a few modern baskets, a Moroccan pillow, and a cactus, and soon my space will take on a bo-ho chic look. You can easily transition into many styles by simple changing out a few accessories.

I am constantly editing my space, either removing things or adding things. Most recently I felt the style of my carpets, which were old and inexpensive, were just looking a little outdated for my space. So we rolled them up and out. I am living with the bare floors for a bit, its summer so it works. I plan to add in some layers of carpets by early fall because that is the look I have been drawn to lately. I have a lot of rooms in this house and they are mostly hardwood, so I will be able to rotate the carpets around my home as well, with some careful planning.

Here you can see the antique navy wool carpet, I have had for 20 plus years and it was an antique when I acquired it. Pretty but it has a heavy look. It has spent many years in the dining room, living room, and in the basement, and by the basement I mean rolled up and tossed on a pile.

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So we rolled it up and out, and then lived with the bare wood for a bit.

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I knew I wanted jute carpets for this large room, for one because they were not expensive, I liked that they were so neutral, and that I could layer other carpets on top of them.

Here is the first one I purchased,which came from rugsusa.com and the accent carpet on top was a little something special I received from them, you can find it here. Defiantly spend the little extra to get a rug pad it made a huge difference in the cushiness of the carpet, but it also helps to keep the carpet in place and helps with wear. Oh my, there prices are amazing, and the quality of this rug is top notch. I simple adore the layered look, and plan to change the smaller carpet out with the seasons. This specific jute carpet link is here.

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I love, love, love my IKEA couch, but the chairs are just too oversized for my space. Understand, this is a large room, its 28 feet long and 18 feet wide, however, there are not really any walls. I have 6 large floor to ceiling windows and a full glass front door, a large arched doorway into the dining room, and a doorway into the kitchen, plus the staircase. Because of that the chairs sit out in the space. Of course I learned the hard way, the way I learn everything, that these chairs just don’t work in my space. I am on the hunt for a chair or two, but I am looking for something low profile and with legs, so the space is open underneath. We will see when that happens, some things you just can’t plan for, but when I find the perfect chair, this one is moving up to one of the bedrooms.

Another recent change we made was to the kitchen, simply by removing a small cabinet and building in a plate rack, we were able to really open up the space and solve a storage problem I had for cutting boards and platters. I love moving throughout the house, space to space doing small projects and/or adding details to slowly evolve my spaces into something fresh and new.

A peek at the plate rack, just in case you missed it.

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See that room in the back of the house, I am moving back there next. I have never ever shared this room, this is the first glimpse EVER EVER. Some small tweaks, like new windows and paint, and maybe a few other things, will bring this room from SAD to FAB. Trust me when I tell you these before pictures will be scary. But we will save that for another day. Lets just say, coming soon.

My point being this. You don’t need to take on a huge and costly remodel if you cant afford to, or time or your life just don’t allow for that to happen. You can take your time and make very small changes throughout your home, and still always feel like it is improving. I don’t have tons of money to throw into large projects, but I still manage to get it done. Remember, its a work in progress. How bored I would be if I lived in a perfectly appointed house, down to the last detail.

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