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We live in what I like to describe as a 100 year old development, back when developing a neighborhood meant building the original houses that made up the city blocks. it is a well established older neighborhood. Our front yard is about 10 to 12 feet deep by 40 feet wide, in front of that is the pavement. Because our front yard is very small, I try to add in carefully selected pieces that can give a punch. This year for Mothers Day, my husband bought me this concrete planter, very large. I have wanted for many years, but when ever we came across a concrete yard where they sold these piece, so were always so very expensive. We stumbled upon a new place on a recent trip down to Lancaster, is was really very from home, but was on a road we don’t often travel. When we pulled in, I fell in love with this large pot. After thinking about it for a week we traveled back to see if they had a pedestal to set it up on. I knew it would get bury in the more than 50 bags of rubber mulch we have in our front yard, and if that happened you wouldn’t see the lovely curve of the planter. It could end up looking like a bowl on the ground, YIKES. We wondered around and tried several, finally landing on this one. I thought it was so funny, as the guy was loading the two pieces into the back of my SUV, I asked is the concrete to much weight for the vehicle? He kind of chuckled and said that often people ask him that, because the base weighed 106 lbs and the planter 100 lbs, that seems like a lot of weight to put in the back of the car. However that is about the size of a large man, ha ha!!! It seems so different when its concrete. Anyway I am in love with the planter, I plan to pack it full of bulbs in the fall to bloom for Spring.

It was several weeks after we bought the planter until I could plant it, because its been so cold here in PA. So I enjoyed the lavender I purchased in doors for a bit.

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Tammys Blog lavender 037a

And then out it went…..loving it so much.

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Time to enjoy our out door spaces.

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