New Life for some old Candlesticks

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Boy have these puppies been around for a long time. I mean they aren’t antiques or anything. I purchased them about 10 years ago at the Pottery Barn Outlet Center in Lancaster, PA, for a song, and I do mean a song. They were priced $49, $59, $69, $79, $89, and I bought then for $2 each, they are tall, but they were ugly. They had that blonde look, but that was nothing a good coat of black paint wouldn’t fix. And I used them on every tabletop I had for the next ten years. Here they are all lovely in black.

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Then suddenly as if it never happened before, I didn’t like them anymore. Sooooooo, I thought I would do it all again. I gathered all my supplies, including several shades of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Paris Grey, Graphite, Coco, Scandinavian Pink, and some Gold gilding wax, and in about 1 hr they were like new again.

Tammys Blog LR 027a

A bit of Paris Grey.

Tammys Blog LR 029a

…..and then some layers.

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Tammys Blog new sideboard 012a

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I swear there is nothing a fresh new coat of paint cant fix.

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