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Ok, Ok, any of you out there, that have been following along for any length of time, know that I have a beautiful antique Tiger Oar, sideboard, that my husband just couldn’t let me paint. I mean he would have left me, but it pained him, so what is a girl to do? I mean that is what I do, I paint everything, walls and furniture. Not that I don’t appreciate a beautiful piece of wood, I do. However, I am so over anything that has a yellow/orange undertone. It just doesn’t look good in my home, with all of the cool colors I have going on. At one time it was perfection, I had a red dining room and it looked lovely. But it has been the elephant in the room for about two years now.

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I thought my hubby would move to the dark side, I mean into the light, ha, ha, and see what I see, but it never happened. Sooooo………., I found this piece and the rest is History. We moved that old sideboard into the basement and this new/old General Store Counter into its place. Now it was a bit scary looking at first. In fact I though for sure I would get it for $50 bucks at the auction, in my mind no one would want it except maybe some guy for his basement or garage, but no, there were other people out there just like me that wanted to get there hands on this gem as well. It ended up costing me $165, not to too bad. And here it is in all its glory, covered with oil and grease and dirt, but I see a beautiful sideboard. Can you see it? It is also a plus because it is 8inches less in depth, so it really opens up the room.

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My husband gave it a good clean with TSP, and boy did he do a fabulous job, there was a random area of spray paint that came off the top exposing some pretty wood, that I rubbed with Hemp Oil, all the grease-gone, in fact most of the old paint came off as well. My plan was to give the piece a coat of Miss Mustard Seed in Artissimo, then a little hemp oil, and a coat of French Enamel, to allow for some chippy goodness to expose the navy underneath. However, if you know anything about Milk Paint, you know that you must have an open mind, because most times the paint tells you, how its gonna be. I did have a feeling this might happen when so much of the old paint came off. It was almost like working with raw wood.

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So I painted the entire piece with the Artissimo, and waited, brushed on some hemp Oil here and there, then painted the second coat, which was French Enamel, and I waited, but no chipping. Since I hadn’t painted a beautiful full coverage coat. I would need to paint a third coat, and since I wanted two colors, I decided to add another coat of Artissimo.

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Now like I said, I did think this might happen, so I moved to my next idea. I now went in with the wax puck, applied it where I wanted chipping and applied a third coat, in the color Artissmo, and there it was the beautiful chippiness I was hoping for. In some places down to the raw wood in others down to the French Enamel. It was very random and turned out very beautiful. I gave it a coat of Antiquing Wax and buffed it out.

Now the fun part, packing it full of all things lovely.

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There is just something so satisfying about painting, and in this case a piece of furniture that looked like it had spent many, many, years sitting in some ones garage or basement. It was covered with grease, and looking a little sorry. But over two afternoons it transformed from this 1800’s General Store Counter into a modern sideboard. I love it, the piece my husband loves so much is safe, {for now} and I can paint this one, as many times as I would like. My hubby is already suggesting how nice this piece would be in our family room for the TV, which we plan to remodel this summer. I guess he likes it! ha ha

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