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This is my story and I am sticking to it. My hubby stopped in at the auction one afternoon, while I was working, and said, he found this piece at the auction that he thought I might want to go check out. When I went up with him, I was all over it. It has 21 drawers, a few of them still have some of the printers letters in them. It was so pretty, and I knew if I cleaned it up, and stripped the painted hardware, it would be amazing. I instantly knew the color I wanted to use on it. The funny thing is once we got it home and I inspected it a little closer, underneath that creamy white was nearly the same exact color I wanted to use on it. Meant to be. I chose Begere by Miss Mustard Seed, you can purchase all your Miss Mustard Seed paint and supplies online at The Ironstone Nest. This is the most sophisticated color of blue, soft without being a pastel, rich without being dark. It is simply lovely.

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Using Citra-Strip I painted it on the handles, which are cast iron, and on the one side of the drawers to remove the sticky from some hideous labels they had on it. It worked like a dream. You paint it on, walk away for 30 minutes, and when you return the paint wipes away. I did wear protective gloves and goggles, I also used some steal wool and a small brush to get the paint off. The first coat removed the cream paint, it took x3 subsequent coats to remove the gray blue.

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Here you can see how it bubbled up, you can also get a glimpse at that original color.

Tammys Blog Sideboard printers cab 002a

Tammys Blog Sideboard printers cab 003a

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After I removed all the paint, I coated the handles with Hemp Oil from Miss Mustard Seed for two reasons, one to give some new life and a bit of gloss to the handles and so the paint I was about to apply would not get one the handles.

So here it is before….

Tammys Blog sideboard 030a

…..and then after.

Tammys Blog printers cabinet 063a

It is gorgeous, I love the piece and I am madly in love with the color. Hmmmmmm…..what else can I paint with this color?

Tammys Blog printers cabinet 075a

Tammys Blog printers cabinet 073a

Tammys Blog printers cabinet 065a

Tammys Blog printers cabinet 026a

I did use the Bonding Agent in my paint so it would not chip, and I finished it off with a good rub of Hemp Oil. I really love the finish of the oil the best. I hope sharing this inspires you to paint something old and give it new life.

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