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Just popping in quick to share a mini project.

Tammys Blog gallery wall staircase 012a

I have tried to add a gallery wall to my bedroom several times and it just never works out. I am not sure if I just stink at Gallery Wall building or what. But I am giving another shot on this tiny triangle wall going up my staircase. I received these absolutely beautiful signs from @williamraedesigns on Instagram, her shop link here and when I hung the signs I loved them so much I decided to attempt a modern/vintage Gallery Wall. Lets see how it turned out. I found this Pink Houses Print, a few months back that I couldn’t get out of my mind, so I thought it might be a pretty modern addition, its from Urban Outfitters. Additionaly I have been eyeing up this Bluebird in flight picture for sometime now, so I ordered that from Joss and Main. I also pulled a pair of antlers off the wall in the family room, that room is getting remodeled soon anyway. Here is how it came out. I think I actually like it, ha ha. I think because the space is unique, being a triangle, and the fact that, the three wood signs are so similar, I feel they really balance out the odd items.

Dining room, gallery wall 074a

Dining room, gallery wall 070a

Dining room, gallery wall 065a

Dining room, gallery wall 069a

Now just in case anyone has noticed, I have the most ugly doorbell parts, all exposed up there on this wall. Nothing can ever be perfect in this old house. When we moved in 20 plus years ago the front piece was attached with crazy glue, no joke. It was kind of ugly and since probably lost. Any ideas what I can do to hide it. Besides that little scar, I am enjoying my mini Gallery Wall.

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