How to get your Moneys worth out of your Fresh Floral Purchase

Tammys Blog secretary and peonies 080a

I love and adore Fresh Flowers as much as every other girl, but it can get a bit pricey. I know some of you live near a certain store where you can get gobs and gobs of fresh flowers for very little investment. But some of us, live in the boondocks and find it a little more challenging and costly.

I had been on the hunt for some peonies and apparently my daughter was too, she texted me one morning with a picture attached and said look what I found. I pretty much had just rolled out of bed, but I threw my clothes on and drove straight to that store to get my little paws on some. I was sure people would be swarming around them, but no, I forget for a moment where I live. If I was going to do it, I was going big, so I bought three bunches at $12.99 a bunch and each bunch had only 5 buds. I wanted to buy all they had which would have been about $300. dollars, but reality  set in. I was thrilled to have them in my hands. Once I got home, I started to figure out how I could get the most bang for my buck. I wanted to use them over and over again, get as many pictures as I could and use them in different vases. Which would mean cutting them down.

And so it began. Some were open and some were buds, so I knew I had at least a few days. I would start with the tallest vessel and then over the days I would slowly cut them down to use them in different and smaller vases. Oh this was going to be fun. Did I mention I love flowers and photography.

On day one I took a few photos as they came, then I cut about one and half inches off to use them in this sweet white pitcher from Homegoods.

Tammys Blog secretary and peonies 006c

Tammys Blog secretary and peonies 023a

Then cut down by 1 1/2 inches, and I moved this pitcher around the house grabbing several pictures until I found my favorite spot for them.

Tammys Blog secretary and peonies 057a

Tammys Blog secretary and peonies 059a

Tammys Blog secretary and peonies 103a

Tammys Blog secretary and peonies 088a

Another day, I trimmed back a little more.

Tammys Blog secretary and peonies 109aTammys Blog 055a

Tammys Blog 065a

Then I cut to the smallest and using only the buds that hadn’t opened……

Tammys Blog 130a

Tammys Blog 126a

Finally……a few flower heads and fallen petals for a watch picture I needed.

Tammys Blog 111a

If you take your time and do a little everyday, you can get quite a few shots. 🙂

So go purchase some flowers and have some fun.

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