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I had a cabinet sitting in front of this wall for 20 years, we called it the Spice Cabinet, because, you guessed it, it was filled with spices. I would constantly bump into it with my upper arm and end up with a bruise. We also have such a large collection of platters that they were all stacked on top of each other on my hutch top. One day I realized the two issues could be both resolved by taking on a small project in the kitchen. We added a plate rack built into the wall. My husband and I planned it out then he did all the muscle work and I primed, painted, and added the finishing touches. I cant believe how removing the small cabinet really opened up the space. This is the entrance to out family room, so it is a much nicer transition now. And the storage is amazing.

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Excuse a few of these Iphone shots. The hubs is never willing to wait and/or get out of the way, so a girl can get a shot. so this will have to do. I am lucky I got these while he went to the porch to cut something.


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Here a little sneak peek back into our family room, a room that I have never shared. We are about to start a big makeover back there, yippy!!!!!!!

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 Tammys Blog misc 050a

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Just a quick sneak peek, because I can never wait to share for very long. I am planning some fun seasonal décor for this space and will share that soon. And then of course I cant wait for the remodel of our family room, yikes the before shots will be scary.

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