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Tammys Blog Canves prints 011a

Just popping in quick this Saturday morning to share a little something special that I found. Ok, I have been following and loving the artwork of VOL25 for awhile now. I knew that her style matched mine and that one of these days I would order something, but you know how it goes, …………most times you just never do. I look at so much product, that sometimes I wonder what do I even like anymore, and I mean really like, like LOVE!!!!!! Well, let me just tell you, this is it! She had a SALE the other day, and since I was right in the middle of looking for some inspirational pieces to hang on a very special wall in my office, I thought I would order two of her piece. I had an antique gold gilded frame, empty, that I wanted to fill, so I ordered “Every Flower” for that, and “Rain the Unicorn” for a more modern black frame that I already had but had purchased at Kohl’s. Well the mail came on Friday and when I opened the package, my jaw literally hit the floor, I mean WOW, I really don’t have words for how stunning, beautiful, rich width depth of color and texture, these piece have. Ladies they are on canvas, I mean it doesn’t get much better than that in my book. Well, I simply couldn’t wait to get then hung and photographed and I don’t think my pictures do them justice. Please, please, please, try one of her pieces, I do not know of anything out there like these special pieces.

Tammys Blog study and LR 042a

Tammys Blog study and LR 037a

Tammys Blog study and LR 043a

Another one of my favorite pieces, because only my favorite pieces for this wall, is this wood sign from Between You & Me. Check out her Etsy shop for this and lots of other inspiration.

Tammys Blog study and LR 050a

Tammys Blog study and LR 034a

Tammys Blog Canves prints 021a

Tammys Blog Canves prints 018a

Tammys Blog Canves prints 008a

I hope you are having a great weekend. Thanks for Stopping by the Blog.

Tammy Damore

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