A MUCH NEEDED Familyroom Facelift-Phase 1 “The Ugly Duckling Becomes a Swan”

This has really been a long time coming. This is the only room in the entire thirteen room house, that is not original to the 1903 home. It was lengthened at some point, still pretty long ago though, because it also has the old nob and tube electric under the floor boards, so who knows. But anyway, pretty much everything is changing except for the French doors, which we added about 10 years, maybe,??? truth, I cant remember.

I cant even believe I am sharing these pictures, but here they are, “THE UGLY TRUTH”

BEFORE-this is looking in from the kitchen, you can see the plate wall we just recently built.

Tammys Blog early fall FR 079a

The old green carpet is gone, out the door. Now lets go for a spin, around the entire room and back to the kitchen door.

Below these full length windows, we plan to replace with shorter ones, so no one can see in.

Tammys Blog early fall FR 066a

This is my husbands attempt at demo day, when I stopped him, because there was no plastic hung over the door yet, and………………I need to leave town, because, HGTV stars might be all about demo-day, but not me. It gives me anxiety. So I always take off for the day shopping, this is going to take 2 months, I mean 3 months, no 4 months, to complete though,  so I don’t think I can stay out that long, YIKES, that’s our goal anyway. We will see. The window with the air conditioner will be removed completely. The green is going, of course.

Tammys Blog early fall FR 060a

The room is small for a family room, according to todays standards, only about 17 x 12, which calls for careful planning, but with big dreams. I am imagining a “Chic Paris Apartment” at this point, if you squint, can you see it???? I can!!!

I wanted to get rid of this radiator, but that didn’t work out, I wanted to add an electric fireplace, but that didn’t work out. uhhhhhhh I do love old radiators, I think they are beautiful, and its a good thing because I have a house full. However in this room it just seemed to be in the way, but after getting the plumber in to evaluate, it just didn’t seem to be a good idea for our budget, which also meant no fireplace. I do plan to hunt one narrow, antique, fireplace, surround down over the next year, and place it dead center on my feature wall.

Tammys Blog early fall FR 059a

This wall of doors will go, when we get to the bathroom and pantry hiding behind them, hopefully next year. I have something really special in mind to replace them with. I don’t like that they open into this small space, and its the pass through point into the room, and the sightline from the front door to the back.

Tammys Blog early fall FR 056a

OK, now you see why there have never been any pictures taken in this room before now. It was a bad situation.

I ordered my dream leather couch from Pottery Barn, I cant wait to take a nap on it, and snuggle up with a new fur blanket also from Pottery Barn, but in the meantime it is waiting in the wings, or, in other words, stuffed into my front living room. Look at that sheepskin, isn’t it dreamy?


New insulation…….


New drywall…….but we are not finished with the layers here, yet 🙂


….taped and spackled. Notice the new windows installed. How are you liking that chandelier, can you see it? ha


Look, a peek at this pretty girl, right in the middle of all the mess, waiting to get painted. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint  to the rescue.


Next layer, a paneled wall, to feature some of my favorite things. Have I ever told you before, I have no walls in this house because it is all windows and doors, 33 windows and 24 doors in all, I think I got them all. Well now I have a wall.


Carpet coming soon. YIKES, yes, I had to go with wall to wall carpet back here. Not really my first choice, in fact it was my last, but I will make it work. I am telling myself it will be all comfy and cozy for a family room, plus I plan to layer in multiple throw rugs, to cover it up and to protect the so-light cream color I picked out. The floor was just too uneven, even after getting jacked up, to either tile, lay wood or laminate, old house woes. Everything is painted now, and I am dying to add in the furnishings, finishing touches, and all the Christmas, but I am still waiting for the carpet. Cry me a river.

“The Ugly Duckling Becomes a Swan”

Keep in mind this is phase one, and we are finishing it up right in the nick of time to do some decorating for Christmas. So a bit of a tour, this is looking back through the house from the front living room.

As we came to a point where we could wrap it up and get the furniture in and decorate, we took a little break. The curtain rods came a few days to late to hang, I had already put up the tree, so we have that and then all of the curtains to hang. There are still some things we will be adding to the room. A few things that still need some attention, as well as my hubby is going to attempt to rewire an antique chandelier, and he better be pretty good at it, because we have bought half a dozen NO-JOKE in the last year. Additionally I need to add at least one accent chair, and maybe replace my hubby’s chair, because he is not happy with it. I plan on something special coming up for my wall, using a collection I have had and been adding too for more than 20 years, and just a few decor items, not yet purchased. All of that will be Phase 2, still to come.

Its been a real journey, to say the least, and still a bit to go, but we are loving the transformation. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the changes we have made.

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Tammy Damore

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