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Every year at this time we all begin to remove the sea grass and seashells from our décor and add in everything warm and cozy. Sad to see the summer go but happy about the fall temperature and what that means for decorating. I tend to decorate slowly, kind of adding in touches here and there. Its kind of a journey for me, similar to the way I decorate on a day to day basis really. I like change, so I try to mix it up and not just add the same old wreath to the same old door as last year. Not all over the house, but sometimes just here or there, I try new things during the season. The truth is though while I am decorating for fall, I am secretly planning Christmas in my mind, crazy right? I must have a disease or something, because I seem to always be looking forward, I guess I am a planner that’s all. Yeah, that’s it, lets look at it as a positive. Any way onto Fall.

I have really been enjoying the shades of pink I added in this year and wanted to keep the same feel to the house through the Fall Season. By adding in these sweet pillows from So Vintage Chic, it allowed me to keep this soft pink throw around a bit longer. This is one reason why I love a neutral pallet, tomorrow I could remove all the pink and add in another color.



Here is an example of how I may change something up, on the daily. A tweak so to speak. Do I want this?




….or, maybe this?






One of the easiest and most inexpensive thing to do for fall is bring what is outside in. …..FREE….. Every year I cut dozens of blooms off of a Pom-pom Hydrangea bush to fill crates, buckets, or bowls, for a lush display that costs nothing. If you need something large, this is the way to go.



A few goodies from one of my favorite online shops, Painted Fox Treasures, add in texture and a bit of whimsy. The set of 3 cutting boards, cream ware pitcher, metal bowl, and Fox cookie Jar, are the perfect additions to add in some texture, and give me that cute factor. I do love a bit of whimsy, and who can resist a sweet forest creature, not me!!!


Tammys Blog so vintage chic 060a

Check out the inside of this bowl, too die for!!!!

Tammys Blog so vintage chic 017a



In the kitchen a white pumpkin garland from last year at Homegoods, this Fox Cookie Jar, and a sweet white pumpkin are all that is needed to make the room feel cozy and welcoming.

Tammys Blog fall DR 027a

Tammys Blog so vintage chic 046a

Since my style is rather Traditional, I love adding in the trendy signage available everywhere to give my style a modern edge. This sign in particular from Down Grace Lane stole my heart, and I have to say the craftsmanship and attention to detail, is the best I’ve seen anywhere. Check out those mitered corners. My plan is to rotate this sign out with seasons.

Tammys Blog so vintage chic 012a

Tammys Blog so vintage chic 007a


Tammys Blog sideboard hydrangeas 017a

Magnolia wreaths and fur throws do the trick to cozy things up for Fall.

Tammys Blog sideboard hydrangeas 041a

……..more blooms, stuffed in my vintage Umbrella Stand. I used my Wine Barrel Lid Lazy Susan from Pottery Barn to corral all these pumpkins together. I love the look.

Tammys Blog sideboard hydrangeas 057a

Tammys Blog sideboard hydrangeas 051a

Tammys Blog so vintage chic 075a

Tammys Blog so vintage chic 062a

Tammys Blog so vintage chic 082a

Can I say, Fall is my favorite season to decorate, well maybe Fall-Winter-Christmas since I love layers so much. I have learned over the years, that you don’t need to change a lot to transition from one season to another. Some years I go full on, and other years just a hint of the change to the next season. Do what ever you want, be creative, be you, be real, be authentic, this year I kept all of my pale pink and accented it with sweet pillows and chunky knitted and fur throws.

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