Vintage Galvanized Bowl-Re-used & Re-purposed

On one of my recent Saturday morning antiquing trips, I picked up a large galvanized metal bowl that I had seen two months earlier. I had been thinking about that bowl and the many uses, and I finally decided it was a wise choice to bring it home. Initially upon laying my eyes on it, I saw it as a really unique ice-bucket/cooler for a get-together.  But oh, the possibilities were endless. Here are a few!

Keep in mind many of these ideas could be executed using any number of large vessels-an old or new crate, a large wooden bowl, an olive basket, a vintage wire gym basket, and the list goes on…….


This would be lovely sitting by a reading chair, filled with your current favorite books or magazines.


How pretty would this be sitting on a deck or patio, or even atop a mantle, it would be a lovely addition to your beach home or summer living room.


I am simply in love with using this large bowl in a bathroom filled with all of your hair supplies. Please tell me I’m not the only woman out there with this many hair products?


How sweet to set this on a fireplace hearth filled with gifts for friends that stop by.


I am definitely planning on using this exact design next Christmas on an entry table in my living room!


Filled with fruit and sitting on your kitchen counter or hutch would be simply sweet.


And of course my original idea, an ice bucket/cooler to serve up drinks at a get-together.


Well, all that to say this was a find. There are so many endless ideas. So pick a few carefully chosen large items that you can use and then re-purpose!  Leave any ideas you have for my bowl or your own container below.

Thanks for reading, see ya next time.


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