My Fall Porch 2016-Let’s Paint it Again

Welcome onto the porch, one of my favorite places, for what I like to call a “Sit Spell”

Here in Pennsylvania it takes a little longer than normal to be able to add Pumpkins to your front porch, because its still so warm, really into early October. But once the nights start getting cool, its safe to set them out. I usually start indoors as soon as I can get my hands on the first harvest. Then a few weeks later I will work on the porch.


We moved this cabinet to the porch last year, late fall. It is a reproduction of an antique, and was the first big piece we bought in this house 21 years ago. Since it had some sentimental value to me , I wanted to keep it around awhile longer. But the old dark wood had worn and it just was looking a little sorry. I painted it but wasn’t happy with the color out side and it got too cold to work, so I put it on the back burner for this year, and I have just gotten to it. Since my hubby was working on Demo-day in our family room and I am not a fan of demo, I spent the entire afternoon on the porch, kind of hiding out away from all the crazy, “painting”. You can see it was just dull looking, I mean I love gray, but it just didn’t work on this piece, so when that happens, you do it again. Like I said I want to enjoy the piece awhile longer. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to the rescue once again, in Pure White and a top coat of Exterior General Finishes.



Additionally, my husband had picked up 2 barrels over a year ago, I never even saw them. He told me bought them and I said put them in the basement, and that was the end of it. Recently, I remembered those barrels and decided I would like to white wash them for the Fall porch. He pulled them out from somewhere, and set them on the porch for me to work on one morning, and when I saw them, I was shocked. Someone went to the trouble of refinishing them like a piece of furniture. I hesitated for a moment about what to do, then decided to paint only the one that had that yellow/orange look to it, and leave the darker brown one as is. They went from hidden in the basement to lovely on my porch.


Anyway, back to the cabinet. I am all over the place. ha ha After two coats of white paint, it was a new pieces. Here it is a work in progress, still working on the Fall decor on the porch.











To be totally honest, I love all this yummy goodness, the pumpkins, the mums, the cozy throws and pillows, the Pumpkin Creamers for my coffee, but I dreaming of a white Christmas. YIKES

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Tammy Damore


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