A Holiday Tour of the Dining Room 2016

So much time is spent in the dining room that I really like to make it a special place to be, during the holiday season, however not over decorated. Though I do enjoy a full and cozy home at the holidays I prefer to restrain myself just a tad bit more in here, than the other rooms, well we will see how that goes. With all of the things that we pile on the table daily, it can get a bit messy and start to look a little cluttered if we are not careful. That said I planned something really special this year.

I am a planner, and by that I mean that I begin to plan the following years holiday while I am decorating for the current year. I prefer to be alone when I decorate, to allow my creativity to flow without judgement. If I don’t like something, I change it, but I don’t want to be critiqued during the process. Once I am finished, if someone doesn’t like something, I am okay with it because this is my way of expressing my art, but during the process, it really does mess with my head, and can really put a damper on my creativity. All that to say that last year I planned a special spot for this Dear Lillie sign, along with my 30 year tradition, of collecting and displaying trees, in the dining room.



Additionally I planned to make an Advent Calendar out of vintage mason jars, and I could not wait to get to it. My husband found some vintage style candy at a local grocery store that added a sweet touch.




One of my absolute favorite things to do is plan around with table scapes. I literally could spend day after day playing, if I had unlimited supplies of dishes, flowers, and accessories. The holiday time is especially fun.

This year in particular I planned to add trees to the table, so that when we were using the table I could very easily move them to the sideboard where they would fit right in, instead of the usual, move to the floor.




As you can see I am working with a mostly neutral pallet this year, except for some pops of red, this table cloth my daughter passed on to me, made quite a spectacular color change to this room. I love it.

Additionally I was so in love with my urn dripping with moss from the fall that I wanted to use it again for Christmas, I really like how it turned out.



If you can believe it I love Pomegranates in everything, but I had never cut and eaten one myself. After buying six for this occasion, I learned how, and boy are they yummy.


In the end I moved the trees from the table to the sideboard. So before…..


……and after.




The idea of a large tree in the dining room was on and off the table a few times. I had added the tinsel tree last year, but I was not sure if I wanted to bring it up again, in the end it seemed like it needed to happen. After all, the room is packed out with trees, so why not add a full size tree, one that sparkles and shines.

After adding the tinsel tree, I removed the advent calendar from this room. Additionally, I went with a softer more neutral color pallet for the table as well.

This was my original plan, but I wanted to do something with the red tablecloth my daughter had given me.

My hubby likes to joke about how I am constantly shuffling things around, looking for perfection. I am planning to rename my Instagram account soon, and he said it should be called @ahomeinmotion ha ha

Fun Fun

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