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Every year at this time, I spend countless hours scrolling through all the beautifully decorated homes, on all of the Holiday Home Tours, reading every word, and getting a glimpse inside of the magic that other people like me are creating for their families. I am one of those people, that plans all year for the following years Christmas decorations. I get new ideas while I am decorating and I write everything down in a planner, so I can organize what I need to purchase and when to purchase, to insure that I have what I need in time for all the trimming. My Christmas decor like my everyday decor seems to evolve slowly over time. From year to year you might not see much of a change, but if you could look back, say five years, you would see that my taste had changed a bit. I kind of collect things overtime, and build up to my final reveal. Which changes from year to year as I add an delete. For the longest time, twenty years to be exact I purchased live trees and used artificial garlands. This year I did the exact oppisit, artificail trees and live garlands, no real rhyme or reson, except that the desire of my heart changed. This year was a real treat because I had painted all the walls white, so everything would look different and fresh.

Right inside the front door is our living room tree, it is a Prince Flocked tree from King of Christmas, and one of three trees this year, two flocked and one tinsel tree. On the staircase I used fresh bay garlands from Williams Sonoma, I love how elegant they feel, I kept the staircase wall, which is my only attempt at a gallery wall simple and neutral in color.




I painted this secretary this past year to give it an Old European look and feel, I love how it turned out. Looking toward the dining room there, you can catch a sneak peek at my tinsel tree, before we get there.



The stocking were hung by the chimney with care……….






Now lets look into the dining room. Yes, that is the tinsel tree, and I love it. Last year I hung all antique teal blue, glass ornaments on the tree. This year I’m keeping it silver with touches of rose gold. The vintage blue ornaments will make an appearance in the family room.







And finally our family room, which is where we watch TV, eat nachos, and take naps. As far as family rooms go, this one is rather cozy, only 17 x 12 It certainly doesn’t live up to today standards. However this house was built in 1904, and this is the only room of thirteen that is not original to the house.


Back there, through the living room and kitchen you can see the tree.




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